Emerging Canadian 3D Tech Startups: Innovation Unfolded in the North

January 5, 2024

When it comes to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technologies, Canada ranks among the top countries. The nation’s 3D technology industry is no exception and has seen a surge of promising startups recently. Emerging within this sphere are startups that bridge the gap between reality and the digital world, aiming to reshape industries as diverse as gaming, construction, and biotechnology. These companies, despite their relative infancy, are pushing the envelope with their groundbreaking work. Let’s delve into some of the most exciting 3D technology startups in Canada that have been founded after 2020.

The Canadian 3D technology industry is a hotbed of innovative companies. These startups are using 3D technology to revolutionize industries ranging from gaming to construction. With their innovative technologies, they aim to redefine how we perceive and interact with the digital world. As they continue to mature, they promise to make substantial contributions to the industry.

Many of these startups are making significant strides in immersive experiences, creating virtual worlds and digital twins, and advancing 3D printing capabilities. In this article, we will showcase a selection of these startups, detailing who they are, what they do, and how they are striving to reshape the world with 3D technology.

Umanize Technologies

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Umanize Technologies was founded by Christopher Leduc. This startup is all about the humanization of digital communication. They develop a virtual and interactive ecosystem for workspaces, events and online training, enabling organisations to achieve strong engagement from their audience through an immersive, intuitive, and human-centered user experience. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, founders Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov are making waves with ICAREUM. Their focus is on gamifying pre-construction and architectural visualization using BIM and digital twin technology. ICAREUM is built by a powerful community of professionals who believe in the power of technology to bring positive change. You can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Matrix Labs

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Matrix Labs is a group of dedicated blockchain enthusiasts working to build the metaverse and expand the influence of the blockchain technology. Check them out on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Snaphouss, the brainchild of Kris King, is a Markham, Ontario-based startup specializing in real estate content marketing. They offer a plethora of services from professional photography and videography to 3D virtual tours, floorplans, and aerial drone services. Furthermore, they are expanding their network of franchise partners nationwide to ensure full service coverage. Follow Snaphouss on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Axolotl Biosciences

Axolotl Biosciences operates in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company is developing a novel bioink that can accurately print humanised brain tissues. These are used for neurodegenerative research and drug screening, making significant strides in 3D printing for the biotechnology industry. Follow them on @Axolotl_Biosci on Twitter.

Utopia VR

Utopia VR, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, is bridging the gap between reality and virtual worlds. They are making strides in the video conferencing and virtual reality spaces. Stay updated with their developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, GenXP is a virtual event platform that offers engaging experiences. Leveraging the latest in 3D technology, it creates custom virtual experiences that reach a global audience. Check out their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Vancouver-based XARIIA is revolutionizing bespoke fashion with its immersive-commerce platform and AI-enabled print designer. They harness 3D technology and AI to create unique and distinctive designs in seconds, making fashion print design accessible and affordable. They also have a strong commitment to sustainability. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Toronto’s own, Matterverse, is a platform and creation tool for the metaverse. Founded by Austin Zheng and Shawn Pang, Matterverse is cloud-rendered, allowing creations to be shared via simple website URLs and experienced via any web browser and device. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.

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