Emerging Canadian Accounting Startups: Spotlight on London-Based Innovators

January 3, 2024

Canada’s startup scene is thriving, especially when it comes to accounting and financial technology services. Entrepreneurs from around the globe have set up shop here, weaving their innovative threads into the country’s fabric. As the Canadian Startups magazine, we’re on a mission to bring you every chapter in this grand narrative. In this respect, we’ve sourced a collection of promising startups operating in the Accounting industry, specifically from 2020 or later whose headquarters are located in London. Here is a brief synopsis of each.

Accounting is a central component in virtually every business operation. With advancements in technology, the industry is continuously evolving as paper receipts and ledgers become things of the past. Driven by AI, machine learning, and other innovative technology, these firms are revolutionizing how accounting is done. Whether they cater to small business owners, large corporates, or nonprofits, each of these startups brings something unique to the accounting scene.

In this feature, we cover a diverse set of players, from firms providing applications for charity expense management to companies charting new territories in AI-driven automation for business processes. Let’s explore each of these companies more in-depth.

Artis Finance

This company operates within the realm of accounting, financial services, and professional services. Founded by Waldo de Vleeschauwer, more information can found on their LinkedIn profile.

M&M Fintech

Specializing in accounting, financial exchanges, and financial services, this startup was founded by Svilen Stoyanov. More details can be found on their LinkedIn profile.


Baroque in scope, vHelp offers a robust suite of services encompassing Accounting, Apps, Charity, Financial Services, FinTech and Software. The venture is helmed by the duo, Patricia Salume and Randa Bennett. vHelp is reshaping expense management for charities and voluntary groups by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly app. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for more insight.

Bankz Banking Network

With a user-friendly platform for managing all banking accounts, Bankz Banking Network is quickly stepping into the limelight within the Accounting, Banking, and Financial services sectors. More about their journey can be seen on their LinkedIn profile.

Premier Business Consulting

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, this company specializes in personalized accounting and consulting services, offering fresh perspectives for personal needs. Learn more on their LinkedIn profile.

IntelliSaving Limited

Operating in the Accounting, Finance and Mobile Apps sector, IntelliSaving Limited is worthy of mention. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Conceived by Gareth Hewitt and Jamie Nascimento, LemonEdge is writing its unique saga in Accounting, Asset Management, Developer Platform, Financial Services, and Software. Learn more about their approach on their LinkedIn profile.

Outsource Payroll Services in UK

This London-based startup is revolutionizing the accounting space by offering comprehensive payroll accounting services. Learn more about how they can assist with your payroll needs on their website.


Offering intelligent automation solutions supported by AI, this startup stands robust in various realms, including Accounting, Artificial Intelligence, Developer APIs, Document Management, Finance, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software. Founders Colin Thirunesam and Vibeeshan Mahadeva continue to steer the firm to innovative heights. Find more about them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Dimitri Raziev and Ron Danenberg vividly imagined Kolleno to enhance the AR Management process. Featuring their core offerings in Accounting, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Machine Learning, Payments, SaaS, and Software, the firm is an exemplary pioneer in the contemporary Financial Services landscape. Follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated.


Embodying a similar spirit but with Kendra Combs at the helm, this iteration of Kolleno resonates with the ethos of customer satisfaction and intelligent technology to improve payment processes. More information about their groundbreaking financial solutions can be found on their website.

As the startup culture in Canada continues to blossom, these companies prove that innovation knows no bounds, particularly in the Accounting industry. By embracing modern technology and creative approaches, each startup is transforming the conventional landscape of their respective domains, driving Canada’s reputation as a global startup hotspot.

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