Emerging Canadian Asset Management Startups Headquartered in London

January 2, 2024

The Asset Management industry has seen a significant upswing in the wake of the pandemic. With the inception of digital technology and FinTech solutions, managing assets and finances has been revolutionized. A new crop of startups has emerged to challenge traditional finance with tech-driven solutions and innovative strategies. This article takes aim at some of the startups based out of London, England that were founded in 2020 or later, highlighting their progress in the asset management industry.

These companies, although young, show promising potential in their respective financial sectors. From implementing blockchain technology to harnessing data for unparalleled insights into asset management, these startups are changing the face of the industry in London and beyond. Canada has a rich ecosystem of startups, and we are pleased to highlight these London-based businesses operating in the Asset Management field.

Without further ado, dive into the world of these remarkable startups and get a glimpse of how they are reshaping the financial services landscape.

Zodia Custody

Zodia Custody is making strides in the Asset Management industry with its focus on Cryptocurrency and Financial Services. Although the founders are yet to be disclosed, the organization has earned recognition for its outstanding services. Discover more about Zodia Custody on their Linkedin page.

Quantum Investment

Quantum Investment offers diverse financial services, including Asset Management, Cryptocurrency and Trading Platforms. The startup is yet to announce its founders, but you can keep up to date with their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.

MillTechFX by Millennium Global

Demonstrating excellence in the Asset Management Sphere, MillTechFX founded by Eric Huttman, provides unique Fintech solutions. MillTechFX provides transparent and tech-enabled currency marketplace to assist global businesses in their FX activities. Stay updated with MillTechFX on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Maniyar Capital

Founded by Dharmesh Maniyar, Maniyar Capital offers exceptional services in Asset Management and Financial advice. Learn more about Maniyar Capital on their Linkedin page.


ProsperUs is shaking things up in the Asset Management sector with its advanced digital assets technologies. Keep up with their developments on the company's Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Renowned in the Asset Management, Cyber Security, and Financial Services sectors, ImpactVest offers unique solutions for modern problems. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay in the loop.


Kensys, founded by Edwy Zoonekynd and Stephane Renard, offers services in Asset Management, Financial Services and Wealth Management. Learn more about this startup on their Linkedin page.

Reframe Capital

Founded by Benjamin Lamping, Reframe Capital is an intriguing startup operating in the fields of Asset Management and Consulting. You can find more information about this startup on their Linkedin page.

Facility for Energy Inclusion

Specializing in Asset and Wealth Management, the Facility for Energy Inclusion is a promising startup. Learn more about their mission and services on their LinkedIn page.

Reviresco Partners

Reviresco Partners offers a range of services in the Advice and Asset Management sectors. Keep up with their progress via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Vestrum Management Solutions

Vestrum Management Solutions serves the Asset Management, Banking, and Insurance sectors. Their offering broadens from Payments to Wealth Management. Find out more about this company and its services on their LinkedIn page.

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