Emerging Canadian B2B Startups Thriving with Delhi-Based Headquarters

January 4, 2024

In the thriving startup landscape, Canada is undeniably one of the powerful players brimming with promising startups. The copious amount of venture capital, the welcoming culture for entrepreneurs, and a robust infrastructure have all created a conducive environment for the birth and growth of numerous Canadian startups. This article is a part of a series that aims to shine onto various promising startups in Canada, particularly those that have their roots outside Canada. Today, we will be focusing on startups that are in the B2B industry, incorporated in or after 2020, and are headquartered in Delhi.

The startups we cover today have tapped into diverse sectors within the B2B domain, including Information Technology, SaaS, Education, Mobile Apps, and more. These startups are not only transforming their respective sectors but are also proving their mettle on a global stage by scaling up and expanding into international markets. Each startup carries a unique narrative that we will share, while also hyperlinking to their online presence for interested readers to delve deeper. We believe these startups represent a fresh wave of innovation and add immense value to the Canadian startup ecosystem.

Our selection today includes ten exciting startups, all based out of Delhi but expanding their reach beyond Indian borders. Each of these startups brings something unique to the table, high-potential ventures that are rapidly scaling and gaining market recognition.


Started by Divyaanshu Makkar, Mayur Bhangale, Vikas Garg, Sourcewiz is an innovative IT and software firm that serves the B2B sector. Sourcewiz presents a platform for exporters to digitally manage their business workflows and reach more customers. Their analytics enable businesses to comprehend customer behavior better and improve their products accordingly.


AppX, founded by Anuj Gupta and Sameer S. is a B2B platform that allows creators to monetize their audience through their personal apps and offer premium content. Initially oriented towards educators, AppX now includes gaming and fitness creators, diversifying its client base.


Bluerickshaw, founded by Akshay Wadhwa, connects small to medium-sized businesses in India with North American businesses, creating a B2B export platform. It simplifies the export-import process and bridges the gap between businesses across continents.


Rizer, a brainchild of Shashank Jakhu, allows creators to create, market, and deliver their own online courses. Rizer is a simple yet powerful platform that helps creators to share their knowledge, grow their audience, and scale their business.


Oyster, founded by Prakhar Porwal and Ria Sardana, is a ‘super-tool’ designed for content creators. It allows users to check for SEO, Plagiarism, and grammar of their content, empowering their content creation process.


ZIXDO, a unique idea of Atul Ranjan and Shakeb Rahman, offers comprehensive car services ranging from basic washing to detailed interior cleaning and upholstery. They provide protective coating, vacuuming, and dashboard polishing, promising a best-in-class car service.

Coupon Bunnie

Coupon Bunnie, the brainchild of Kapil Verma, is an eCommerce platform that became active online in this lockdown period and making significant strides in its sector.


Grotial, founded by Mohd Nizam and sibasis champatiray, is revolutionizing procurement processes for Raw Foods for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes through a single vendor platform.


Initiated by Sanjay Kaul, Xpand enables retailers, franchises, and companies to expand their brands into the rural market through a human-tech B2B aggregator platform of LMCE.


Founded by Mayank Gupta and Subodh Diwan, Vitran.ai started with the goal of making supply chains more efficient for small local stores. Their AI-powered B2B commerce platform bridges supply chain gaps and extends the reach to consumers.


With the aim of creating an online B2B marketplace and business directory for small and medium-size businesses, founders Aman Arora, Renu Renu, and Subasini Rout initiated Market24Trade. It has become a business platform of choice, connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers globally.

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