Emerging Canadian Construction Startups Making Strides from Delhi Base

January 6, 2024

The construction industry is a major contributor to India and, in particular, Delhi’s economy. In the past decade, this sector has seen a noticeable surge in activity, resulting in new technologies, advancements, and ideas. In this installment of our series highlighting Canadian startups operating out of Delhi, we showcase some of the promising ventures that commenced operations in 2020 or later in the construction sector, addressing varied facets from building materials to interior design and infrastructure.

Taking the profession to new heights are these innovative startups that have been pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected in construction industry. They have managed to transform their ideas into viable businesses, even amidst the challenges brought about by the global pandemic. Let’s examine their trajectories, their unique offerings, and the exciting services they bring to the industry.

Aiding in building a better tomorrow, these startups are not only revamping the industry but setting a new standard for innovation and dedication. You will find a brief introduction for each Delhi-based company that captures their core ideals and their achievements so far.

The Tiles House

Founded by a quartet of innovative minds, The Tiles House aims to provide a one-stop-shop for all your tile needs. Proclaimed as the only online platform in India offering such a wide range of tiles, The Tiles House believes in enhancing the customer experience using the latest technology. Their commendable offerings include an array of aesthetically pleasing designs and an opportunity to discuss individual needs in detail. Being one of the few vendors offering personalized tile designs based on client requests, this company is truly unique.

Hindland Infrastructure

Co-founded by Love Tyagi and Sudhanksu Mohanty, Hindland Infrastructure focuses on providing high-quality construction projects that are both professional and timely. Utilizing technological advancements such as A.I., LiDar, AR/VR, and even Blockchain technology, Hindland Infrastructure is leading the charge towards reshaping the future of the construction industry.


Founded by Akshansh Agarwal, Onsite provides a unified approach to managing all your construction projects. Operating from a single app, it brings the power of project management to your fingertips, offering increased ease and efficiency for all your construction needs.

Interior Company

As the name suggests, Interior Company specializes in creating aesthetically pleasing interior designs. From modular kitchens to kids’ room designs, the company’s offerings are comprehensive and cater to a wide range of interior design needs.


Specializing in construction and interior design, Servicops provides a diverse range of services, including fire services, wall paint, targeted water treatment, and more. Their offerings help create facilities that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.


Founded by Arun Garg in June 2021, SteelJunction is a budding startup in the steel industry. With a vision to redefine the concepts of quality and customer services, SteelJunction provides opportunities for customers to connect and grow their business through their online trading platform. They provide an assortment of steel products, catering to a range of industrial projects across the nation.

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