Emerging Canadian Consulting Startups Thriving in Sydney’s Business Ecosystem

January 3, 2024


Canada’s startup scene is booming, showcasing a breadth of dynamism, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Beneficially, the consulting industry has been equally prolific, and the heart of this boom lies in Sydney, New South Wales. Since 2020, Sydney has been a hotbed for novelty and growth for startups in the consulting industry. Meet ten startups that are poised to bring about a paradigm shift in the world of consulting.

These startups encapsulate a variety of subsectors such as Management Consulting, Employment Consulting, Marketing Consulting, and more, thus showing the vast potential of the consulting industry. They aim to support businesses and individuals with their services, harnessing the power of technology to deliver targeted, efficient, and effective solutions to their clients.

This article attempts to give you a glimpse of each, including their founders, websites, social media handles, and more. Let’s get started:


Qwirk is a promising startup operating in the Consulting, Employment, and Human Resources industry, founded by Cheryl Tyas. With its headquarters in Sydney, Qwirk offers innovative solutions related to employment and human resources. Learn more about Qwirk on their
LinkedIn page.

Prado Enterprises

Founded by a group of proactive entrepreneurs, Prado Enterprises, stationed in Sydney, specializes in Business Intelligence and Management Consulting. They aim to drive innovative outcomes to help businesses thrive. Keep up with Prado Enterprises on their LinkedIn page.


With a presence in North Sydney, Werkflo is involved in Consulting, CRM, Document Management, Messaging, and Software. Werkflo’s broad range services help businesses streamline their operations efficiently. Follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates.


IIMBE is another Sydney-based startup that operates in Advice, Business Intelligence, Construction, Consulting, Information, and Communications Technology (ICT), Project Management. Stay updated with IIMBE’s latest on their LinkedIn page.


Situated in Sydney, Akcelo offers advertising and marketing consulting, and social media marketing services. Know more about Akcelo’s unique approaches in their consulting spectrum on their LinkedIn page.

Conduit Capital

Conduit Capital is a Sydney-based startup that leverages its expertise in Consulting, Financial Services, Risk Management, and Wealth Management. Stay updated with Conduit Capital on their LinkedIn page.


FuturePlace provides services in the B2B, Consulting, Real Estate, and Venture Capital sectors. This Sydney-based startup is a dedicated resource for business leaders, technologists, investors, and innovators. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.

Stable and Wise

Founded by Toby Marshall, Stable and Wise aims to provide opportunities for older workers in the workplace by eliminating the prejudice against them. Follow Stable and Wise on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Idea Lab

Idea Lab, founded by Brett Spradbury and Jordayna McDowell, provides consulting and market research services. Stay on top of Idea Lab’s developments on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Stock Specialist

Founded by Mark Elzayed, Stock Specialist is a Sydney-based startup that provides consulting, financial services, impact investing, market research, and professional services. Follow Stock Specialist on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Careerbase is a promising startup based in Sydney, specializing in Consulting, Information Technology, and Professional Services. Keep up with Careerbase on their LinkedIn page.

It’s necessary to replace every “Description:” portion with the actual company description. For privacy reasons, founder names aren’t provided, so replace “, , ,” with the actual founders’ names where possible.

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