Emerging Ontario Consulting Startups: Canadian Innovators Disrupting the Industry

January 2, 2024

Ontario is a dynamic Canadian province where many cross-industry startups have been growing and making remarkable progress since their inception in 2020 and onwards. Amid a thriving tech scene, there’s an especially exciting wave of playmakers operating in the consulting industry. This industry has transformed Ontario into a bustling hub of analytic, blockchain, digital marketing, environmental consulting, and many other services. With this, Ontario-based startups are focused on delivering innovative solutions, creating value, driving economic growth, and generating employment. Let’s explore some of these promising startups.

Lavin Media

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Lavin Media specializes in Analytics, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Market Research. Founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, Lavin Media provides a modern solution for sales development challenges. Business advice, data analysis, and recruitment support complement their digital marketing efforts. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Maamigin Environmental & Relations

Maamigin is a Fort William-based Indigenous Environmental Management company poised to make significant contributions in the environmental consulting realm. They embody a profound respect for the environment and Indigenous cultures, making strides in an emerging industry.

Charged Particles

Founded by Ben Lakoff and Rob Secord, Charged Particles is a Toronto-based leader in Blockchain, Consulting, Financial Services and FinTech. They unite art and finance, accelerating the development of non-fungible token platforms. Connect with Charged Particles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Intouch Talent

Located in Brighton, Intouch Talent is transforming the casting process landscape through their innovative online database. The platform facilitates collaborations between performers, agents, and casting directors, creating numerous opportunities for entertainment professionals.


Bloom, founded in 2020 in Toronto, specializes in life plans. Their coaching program for adults offers personalized strategies and compassionate support. Connect with Bloom on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Bit Complete

Bit Complete is a Toronto-based software engineering and consulting firm founded by Dylan Trotter and Matt Schweitz. They’re pioneering the solutions for today’s most pressing software challenges. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

A Medical Partner

A Medical Partner, based in Toronto, works in Consulting, Dental, Health Care, and Medical industries. They focus on innovative solutions to optimize healthcare services. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Forest City SynBio

Forest City SynBio was founded by Shea Tough in London. Working in Biotechnology, Consulting, and Sustainability – the company is focused on integrating synthetic biology solutions into sustainability strategies. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Telemed MD

Rakesh Mistry founded Telemed MD, a Mississauga-based start-up specializing in Consulting, Health Care, and Health Diagnostics. They are focused on integrating technology into healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Sponsorship Collective

Based in Ottawa, The Sponsorship Collective is a consulting company that works in Advertising and Training. They are focused on helping companies create and execute effective sponsorship strategies. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Surfable aims to enhance online presence with lightning-fast websites that boost SEO and engage visitors. With expertise in Advertising, Consulting, e-Commerce, IT, Internet, and Software and rooted in Toronto, they are committed to surpassing the digital expectations of customers. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ontario-based startups are harnessing the power of innovation and technology to disrupt industry norms and pave the way for a brighter future. They are defining the entrepreneurial spirit and pushing Ontario to the forefront as a global leader in the startup ecosystem.

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