Emerging Ottawa-Based Agritech Startups Redefining Canadian Agricultural Landscape

January 23, 2024

Canada, in particular Ottawa, Ontario, has been nurturing an extraordinary startup ecosystem, with fresh entrepreneurs consistently launching ventures of great potential. This article shines a spotlight on startups founded in or after 2020, showcasing their inventive ideas, products, and services. These companies are pushing boundaries in their respective industries and contributing to Ottawa’s dynamic business landscape.

From the software and tech sectors to renewable energy, these startups prove the breadth and variety of entrepreneurial pursuits in the nation’s capital. Regardless of their industry, they all share a common attribute: a commitment to innovation and forward-thinking strategies.

The focus here is on Ottawa: a bustling hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, where talented individuals are launching startups that are making a splash not just locally and nationally, but on the global stage as well. Let’s explore the groundbreaking work happening in this vibrant city:


Launched by Andrej Sakic, Frazer Nagy, Jerome St-Hilaire, and Stef Scrivens, Tablz is a dynamic player in the reservations industry. The startup is changing the game of dining out by offering customers the freedom to choose and upgrade their tables. They’re making dining out less complicated and more convenienLinkedin


Founded by Connor Hicks, Suborbital leverages the power of Atmo to revolutionize the creation of web services. The startup’s unique approach takes advantage of the capabilities of cloud-native WebAssembly. Suborbital is a significant contributor to the Information Services, Information Technology, Web Browsers, Web Design, and Web Development sectors. Linkedin


Co-founded by Joel Kapongo and Moktar Yusuf, Pactima offers an all-in-one eSignatures platform, specifically designed to cater to every business need. With Pactima, businesses can expedite and streamline their workflow by harnessing the power of digital signatures.

Canadian Renewable Energy Association

As the voice for wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage solutions, the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) is a significant player in the energy sector. It serves as an advocate for renewable energy by providing a platform for sharing resources, best practices, and industry insights with industry players and the general public. Linkedin

Axtion Independence Mobility

Axtion Independence Mobility’s mission is to create high-quality mobility tools to enable individuals to age with independence and comfort. While their focus is on elder care, their products are designed to benefit anyone seeking enhanced mobility.


Founded by John Gosson and Niraj Mathur, Blumind is an artificial intelligence and machine learning startup. They offer analog machine learning inferencing engines for smart sensors and devices, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the AI industry.


Offering asset management solutions, Velavu is a standout company in Ottawa’s tech startup scene. Their ecosystem offers customized software and devices for managing assets and making business processes more efficient. The Velavu tags can be attached to a vehicle, worksite, or equipment, and their system takes care of the rest. Linkedin

Vigilant AI

The Ottawa-based startup, Vigilant AI, combines analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in its software to provide retailers with actionable insights and solutions. Linkedin

The Sponsorship Collective

Advertising, consulting, and Training are key to The Sponsorship Collective. They offer consulting services and training programs for organizations aiming to maximize their sponsorship efforts. Linkedin


NovaceneAI is a tech company specialized in artificial intelligence. They transform unstructured data into advanced insights, enabling companies to make data-driven business decisions. Linkedin


All things rental property and information technology are central to this inspiring startup RapidRent. This company is notably dedicated to simplifying processes for both landlords and tenants with their innovative property management software. Linkedin

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