Emerging Quebec-based Analytics Startups Transforming Canadian Business Landscape

January 5, 2024

The Canadian startup landscape has been buzzing in recent years, with many promising ventures driving technological innovation in various sectors. In particular, the Analytics industry has witnessed a significant surge in groundbreaking startups since the start of 2020. These enterprises, rooted in the province of Quebec, have been harnessing analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine sectors like supply chain management, Real Estate, and Financial services. With their commitment to utilizing complex data to drive decision-making and efficiency, these startups breathe new life into the Canadian economy and set exciting precedents for future innovators.

The following startups have been instrumental in demonstrating the power of analytics. Through inventive solutions ranging from predictive analytics to artificial intelligence, these companies inspire the future of business and enterprise. As we continue to navigate the transforming digital landscape, it becomes imperative to acknowledge those at the forefront, propelling us towards an era characterized by data-driven decision making and efficiency.

The Analytics industry in Canada, represented by the startups listed below, is more than a testament to the region’s technological prowess. It symbolizes the global shift towards an information-driven society where data isn’t just a byproduct of digital interactions but a valuable resource to maximize success.


Founded by Edward Ko and Hoang Ngo, Mely.ai is a Montreal-based startup that is revolutionizing the artificial intelligence, logistics, machine learning, predictive analytics, software, and supply chain management industries. This innovative firm eliminates the need for manual document extraction and data entries into systems, thus saving enterprises 90% of their time and 80% on labor costs. You can know more about them through their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Montreal Analytics

With headquarters in Montreal, Montreal Analytics is an association offering analytics and consulting professional services. The company website and LinkedIn provide users with more insights into the kind of work they do in the industry.


Located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, VectorSolv is paving the way within the realm of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Developer APIs, and Software. More information regarding their initiative can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Semanttica, based in Blainville, Quebec, Canada, is another thriving startups operating in the Analytics, Information Technology and Machine Learning sectors. Stay updated with their endeavors on their Twitter page.


Founded by Aakarsh Shekhar and Hisham Hawara, 7Square is yet another Montreal-based startup making strides in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet, Machine Learning, and Real Estate industry. They provide the most accurate real estate analytics to drive smarter decisions across the real estate ecosystem by leveraging comprehensive datasets and advanced machine learning models. Keep an eye on their progress over on LinkedIn and< a href="https://twitter.com/7square_">Twitter.

Indominus AI

Indominus AI is a startup, founded by Rene-Sylvain Bedard, that seeks to create solutions to society’s challenges. Their current project involves creating VICC, a Virtual Interactive Cloud-powered Consultant for executing cybersecurity mandates without human interventions. They are based in Montréal, Quebec, Canada and are making waves in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Center Automation, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, Software industries. Connect with them on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

FinCrimeTech AI

Founded by Issa Berthe and John Doe, FinCrimeTech AI has taken an innovative approach to preventing financial crime. They are specialists in providing financial crime analytics solutions via a unique AI engine. This teachable machine understands the complexities of financial crime like a human and can aid in tasks such as customer due diligence (CDD), fraud detection, AML/TF, PEPs, economic sanctions, adverse media search, name entity recognition and more. Learn more about them at their LinkedIn or Twitter.

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