Emerging Quebec-Based Business Development Startups Shaping Canada’s Industry Landscape

January 6, 2024

Quebec, a thriving business hub, is nurturing some exciting startups, especially those established in 2020 and beyond. These new companies, from diverse sectors such as information technology, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, and business development, are bracing new dimensions. A dynamic synergy of innovation and growth, they are shaping the business landscape of Quebec and, to some extent, the world. So, let’s introduce you to some of these promising startups.

The past year has witnessed a surge in the number of startups coming up in Quebec. Despite the global pandemic and the ensuing business slowdown, these startups managed to create a niche for themselves, thanks to the robust support system available in Quebec and the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. These companies hailing from various sectors like business development, artificial intelligence, and consulting, have placed a strong footprint in their respective industry within a short span, paving their way for a brighter future.

These startups, with their distinctive problem-solving approach and innovation, have carved a niche legacy. Let’s delve into a detailed account of these startups, their location, industry, and other essential details. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in Quebec.


With its headquarters in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, Pinq2 operates in the Business Development and Consulting industry. Although the description and founders aren’t specified, you can learn more about the company on the given LinkedIn page.


Sparkwise, located in Boucherville, Quebec, is a fast-growing Business Development, Consulting, IT Management, and Professional Services startup. Detailed information about the founders and company description is yet to be revealed, but their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles may offer more insights.

Technum Quebec

Technum Quebec operates in the Business Development industry from Bromont, Quebec, Canada. It also works as a non-profit organization. More information about the enterprise could be found on the provided LinkedIn page.


Stratemia, based in Montréal, Quebec, is a startup focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Consulting, and Industrial Automation. While the founders are yet to be announced, you can gather more information about their endeavors via the provided LinkedIn link.

Conseil de l’innovation du Quebec

Operating from Montréal, Quebec, Conseil de l’innovation du Quebec is a promising startup in the Business Development and Information Services domain. More information about the company and its founders can be obtained from their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


With its base in Quebec, NQB.ai is a growing startup in the Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Consulting, and Machine Learning sector. The company offers consulting, development, and training services using its cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, operational research, and data science. More about the founders can be known through the provided LinkedIn.

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