Emerging Vancouver-based Marketplace Startups Enhancing Canadian Business Landscape

January 29, 2024

The bustling city of Vancouver, nested on Canada’s west coast, has become a vibrant tech hub for startups, particularly in the marketplace industry. Companies that began their journey in 2020 or later are reimagining the concept of the marketplace across diverse sectors, injecting fresh ideas & innovations. Let’s dive into some of the city’s dynamically evolving, game-changing startups that are shaping new industry norms and transforming the marketplace industry.

Autozen Technologies

Autozen Technologies, founded by Kalle Radage and Olivier Vincent, has disrupted the automotive marketplace with its innovative, stress-free approach to selling cars. Autozen aims to simplify and fair the process of selling cars by using hundreds of professional car buyers who compete to offer the best price. The online C2B marketplace guarantees a secure and quick transaction for both parties. Visit Autozen to learn more.


Clayton Rannard & Kyle Dulay founded Collabstr, a premium marketplace for hiring influencers. With thousands of influencers, businesses can effortlessly discover suitable influencers and purchase promotions and content through their platform. Influencers get the advantage of listing and selling their services on Collabstr. To learn more about this, connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Twodde is a Vancouver Marketplace startup that, although the founders remain anonymous, has a strong commitment to sustainable consumption. Twodde wants to unite sustainable brands and provide a guilt-free shopping experience. The ultimate goal is to inspire sustainable consumption habits within the online shopping community. For more info, check out their LinkedIn page.


MusterPoint is an innovative marketplace that was founded by Tim Sportschuetz. Focusing primarily on the construction industry, the platform facilitates rental transactions of underutilized owner-operated construction equipment. MusterPoint helps equipment owners to increase rental revenue, while contractors can eliminate potential project delays and various risks. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Orgmatch, founded by Tim Chipperfield and Trevor Loke, is another notable startup based in Vancouver’s diverse marketplace industry. However, information about the service is currently limited. You can see more info about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SwiftBel, an internet-based marketplace startup, was created by Jay Moulton and Robert Prasher. While information about their service is not widely available, you can stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups are shaping Vancouver’s marketplace industry, each contributing unique solutions and services to far-reaching sectors while redefining the concept of the marketplace. Stay tuned for the next installments in this series, featuring more startups from diverse industries based in Vancouver and its environs.

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