Emerging Victoria-Based Business Development Startups Revamping Canadian Industry Landscape

January 5, 2024

This series showcasing Canadian startups operating in the Business Development industry turns its attention to Victoria, where a number of exciting ventures have laid their foundation. The depth of industry expertise and innovative approaches these startups apply is helping shape the future of Business Development in the region. We take a closer look at each startup launched in 2020 or later, providing insights into who they are, what they do, and who is behind these groundbreaking ideas.

From the world of internet and sales to consulting and legal services, these startups represent a wide range of specialties within the Business Development sector. Their operations span across the globe, from Victoria, British Columbia, to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, demonstrating both the international reach and collaborative spirit of these young, dynamic companies. Each company reflects the spirit of innovation that fuels the growth of the Business Development industry in Victoria.

Whether it’s DealBuilder’s creative approach to driving sales or the unique consulting services offered by Growth CFO, each startup has a distinctive mission and a compelling story to tell. The following are in-depth profiles of these remarkable companies and how they are contributing to the development of businesses in Canada and beyond.


Founded by Morgan Tate, DealBuilder seeks to revolutionize the realms of business development, internet, and sales. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, the startup is rapidly carving its niche in the competitive market. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Checklist Legal

Checklist Legal, the brainchild of Verity White, brings together business development, consulting, and legal expertise under one roof. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, this business development startup is on a mission to provide comprehensive solutions. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Growth CFO

Fueled by Damian Lococo’s vision, Melbourne-based Growth CFO is providing innovative financial insights and consulting services in the business development sector. Find more about their works on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Amble Studio

Specializing in business development, casual games, and software, Amble Studio is making a name for itself in Melbourne’s startup scene. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In The Background

In The Background excels in combining business development, management consulting, and marketing to deliver top-class services. Based in Melbourne, their profile is available on LinkedIn.

Unlocking Growth

Unlocking Growth, led by Audrey Melnik, is a business and consulting services company that empowers organizations to become product-led. The Melbourne-based startup was founded in 2021. Their profile can be found on LinkedIn.


Laddr offers financial options to help run and grow businesses, especially targeting tradies. Based in East Burwood, Victoria, this startup was founded in 2021. Follow them on LinkedIn.

New Business Centre

Focused on business development, consulting, and training, New Business Centre was founded by Kaye P. and Matthew Simpson in Mornington, Victoria. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Modern Caribbean

Founded by Lester Hollis and based in Saint Croix, Victoria, Modern Caribbean offers a range of consultation services across legislative and regulatory sectors in the Caribbean region. Their profile is available on LinkedIn.

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