Exploring Alberta’s Innovative Commercial Startups: A Canadian Success Story

January 6, 2024

Alberta, the heart of Canada’s oil and gas industry, has seen a remarkable rise in entrepreneurial activity in recent years. With sectors such as Commercial Real Estate, Asset Management, and Tech-based industries hitting the ground running, the province is brimming with promising startups. The following breakout companies, all of which were launched in 2020, are setting the standard for game-changing innovation in Alberta. Each offers a unique solution to specific market needs and represents the forward-thinking mindset characteristic of Alberta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Northview Fund

Based in Calgary, Northview Fund pivots towards secondary market opportunities in the real estate industry. The company lends its expertise to a variety of real estate properties, such as commercial buildings, executive suites, and multi-residential properties. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Seacliff Electric

Another Calgary-based company, Seacliff Electric specializes in the maintenance and servicing of electrical power distribution systems. Holding a strong position in the commercial industry, their focus is on providing reliable electrical design-build solutions. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cantiro Group

Through their unique blend of commercial real estate, interior design, and construction services, Edmonton-based Cantiro Group provides investment opportunities and designs residential rental projects. They are dedicated to delivering homes tailored to a client’s individual lifestyle, right down to the last detail. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn.

Practice Exchange

A brainchild of Gagan Singh, Practice Exchange serves as a platform for the purchase and sale of dental practices. The platform offers comprehensive support to both sellers and new owners, guiding them at every step right from the listing phase to one year post-purchase. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information.


As a Proptech firm, Caret offers a platform perfectly curated to increase tenant involvement through end-to-end communication, booking, and work order solutions tailored for property managers and owners. The Calgary-based company can be found on LinkedIn.


Founders Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin aim to revolutionize the culinary landscape with their startup, Syzl. This Calgary-based venture addresses systemic barriers within the kitchen rental system, transforming kitchen utilization by repurposing existing infrastructure into a sharing economy model. Get updates about their work on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups embody Alberta’s inventive spirit, addressing key challenges and opportunities in the market with unique solutions and innovative business models. By doing so, they are playing a considerable role in stimulating economic growth within Alberta and Canada at large.

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