Exploring Asset Management Innovators: Rising Canadian Startups Spotlight

January 4, 2024

Asset management is a growing industry in Canada with numerous startups emerging on the scene. Specializing in smart technology, real estate, artificial intelligence, and fintech, these companies, although relatively new, are making significant strides and contributing to the dynamism and innovation in the sector. We take a look at some notable startups established from 2020 onward operating in the asset management space, all with headquarters in Canada.

These companies span several cities across the country from Ottawa and Calgary to Kingston and Toronto. They each bring a unique approach to asset management, demonstrating the diversity and adaptability in this field. Whether dealing with real estate properties, cryptocurrency, biopharma assets, or infrastructure, the startups are transforming the way asset management is done through data-driven and technology-based solutions.

Born in a time of great change and challenge, these startups are testament to the creativity, resilience, and innovation pulsing through Canada’s booming startup ecosystem. As the country moves forward, these companies and those emerging alongside are helping to shape a new future for asset management in Canada, and indeed the world. Below we have profiled these top startups to provide insights into their offerings and their contribution to this rapidly evolving industry.


Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Asset Management, Information Services, Information Technology, Software
Description: The Velavu ecosystem offers customized solutions and exceptional software and devices to help manage their assets, inventory, and processes. Each Velavu product integrates seamlessly, is easy-to-use, and can be fully operational within minutes. Velavu tags can be attached to a vehicle, worksite, or piece of equipment, and the system takes care of the rest.
Website: velavu.com
Twitter: @velavu_tech
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/showcase/chatbeacon.io

Northview Fund

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Asset Management, Commercial, Real Estate, Residential
Description: Northview Fund is focused on multi-residential real estate opportunities in secondary markets. Their supporting real estate properties are multi-residential, commercial, and executive suites. The company’s contact modes are by mail, phone, and physical address.
Website: northviewfund.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/northview-fund/

Portsmouth Residential

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Asset Management, Property Management, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment
Description: Portsmouth Residential provides value-add investment opportunities and professional property management services for clients. They focus on making and managing multifamily investments.
Website: portsmouth.ca
Twitter: @PortsmouthRes
Facebook: facebook.com/PortsmouthResidential
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/portsmouthresidential


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Asset Management, Software, Wealth Management
Founders: Saad Hassan
Description: Nvestiv provides investment, platform, management, asset management, wealth management, technology, artificial intelligence, capital raising, sales, analytics, real estate, venture capital, fixed income, infrastructure, debt, energy, private equity, family offices, and institutional investors.
Website: nvestiv.com
Twitter: @NvestivC
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/nvestiv

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