Exploring Calgary’s Emerging Consumer Goods Startups: Canada’s Rising Stars

January 6, 2024

The inception of numerous consumer goods startups in 2020 and beyond has revealed the dynamism and adaptability of Canada’s economy amidst global uncertainties. This power shift is particularly observable in Calgary, where new startups have continuously emerged to redefine the evolving business landscape. Despite the prevailing business challenges, these handpicked startups deserve recognition for their resilience, ingenuity and contribution to Calgary’s enterprise hub.

Housing a varied range of businesses from food and beverage to sporting goods, amongst others, Calgary stands as an attractive launch pad for both local and foreign investors. Startups like Mundii, Bumble Chain, Ram Canyon, XenoMorphix Industrial Design, Lenderfriender, Edmonton brewing and malting, and AI Shading have leveraged Calgary’s conducive business environment to provide innovative solutions in the Consumer Goods industry. Each of these companies tells a unique tale of perseverance, creativity and ambition.

Besides fostering local development, these startups are progressively etching Calgary’s name into the global business domain. Let’s delve into these companies, showcasing their unique concepts, their founders and their value-adding contributions to Calgary’s business dynamics.


Mundii, founded by Pratik Patel, provides support and direction for organisations requiring competent branding, compelling propositions, and business development marketing. Add-ons include corporate ID, content writing, websites, creative amenities and sales tools. Mundii aligns with the contemporary business shift towards digital platforms, by integrating their services into the digital marketing spectrum.

Bumble Chain

Calgary-based Bumble Chain mixes consumer goods with a pinch of technology to pioneer economic fraud anticipation and supply chain management. Despite their recent inception, the startup has steadily gained traction for its avant-garde approach to consumer goods business, sending ripples of change through the Calgary startup scene.

Ram Canyon

Ram Canyon, founded by Evan Wildman, rescues discarded fleece and innovatively remoulds it into long-lasting backpacks. This product is designed for everyone – from the ardent backpacker to the noted snoozer. Few can dispute that Ram Canyon’s circular business model is assisting Calgary in realising a greener business future.

XenoMorphix Industrial Design

XenoMorphix Industrial Design exemplifies how innovation and detailed attention can create a profitable enterprise in consumer goods. The startup reimagines the traditional bicycle saddle, structuring it in a way that supports the rider’s weight yet still allows the pedalling action. XenoMorphix has carved a niche for itself within Calgary’s manufacturing and retail landscape.


Lenderfriender is a testament to the blending potential of consumer applications, consumer goods and IT in startup creation. Although details about the company are scarce, Lenderfriender’s unique makeup raises anticipation concerning its likely impact on Calgary’s startup scene and beyond.

Edmonton brewing and malting

Edmonton brewing and malting trailblazes the consumer goods sector with its adept blend of food and beverage solutions. Operating right in the heart of Calgary, this early-stage company strengthens Calgary’s status as a center for startup innovation.

AI Shading

Zack Zhang’s AI Shading develops AI & IoT-enabled technologies demonstrative of the new investment potentials that Calgary offers. These technologies are aimed at reducing the environmental footprint from homes and buildings, consequently reinforcing Calgary’s place at the forefront of green and smart building innovation.

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