Exploring Calgary’s Flourishing Software Startups in Canada’s Innovation Landscape

January 18, 2024

Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape has continued to flourish amid the challenges of 2020. Calgary, located at the heart of Alberta, has earned a reputation for powering a new wave of start-ups, demonstrating resiliency and adaptability in a rapidly-evolving world. This article highlights Calgary-based startups, established in 2020, making significant contributions to the software industry.

These innovators, undeterred by the unforeseen circumstances of the previous year, are carving out their niches, leading technological advances, creating jobs, and contributing to economic recovery. From harnessing Big Data for Real Estate to robotics for e-commerce, these start-ups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and shaping the tech scene of Calgary in unique ways.

The major advantage of these startups is their ability to adapt and pivot according to the changing market dynamics, proving their dynamism time and again. Let’s take a closer look at these burgeoning Calgary-headquartered startups, rising stars in the Canadian software industry.


Ownly, a software start-up focussed on Analytics, Big Data, Lead Generation, and Real Estate, employs data analytics prowess for an enhanced customer experience. The start-up’s mastery in sales and lead generation brings a new dimension to big data and data analysis. With its headquarters in Calgary, Ownly is on its way to redefine the approach to data analysis in the Real Estate sector’s complex scenario. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Chroma Technologies

Co-founded by Myles Shedden, Riley Pickerl, Tiffany Kaminsky, and Yacine Bara, Chroma Technologies merges Software and FinTech to transform the Rental Property industry and Financial Services. From its Calgary base, Chroma utilizes smart, innovative financial solutions to provide customers with remarkable experiences. Connect with @chromacanada and see their LinkedIn profile for more.


WaitWell is a groundbreaking start-up that facilitates businesses, events, and restaurants in monitoring queues effectively. Their innovative tech platform allows users to join digital queues, spearheading the way businesses handle line-ups and maintain COVID-19 social distancing norms. Feel free to follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Vetsie is reimagining access to veterinary care by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Co-founded by Alex Chieng and Steve Boyer, Vetsie connects veterinarians with their clients virtually and legally. This novel initiative displays the creative potential of telehealth in veterinary practice. Stay updated with Vetsie on Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Deep Surface AI Inc.

Exploring the potential of advanced machine learning, Deep Surface AI Inc. is working on the first compelling 3D visualization application for facial aesthetics. With a detailed, personalized approach to each patient, this Calgary-start-up caters to both the demands of surgeons and the visualization preferences of patients. Be sure to check out their LinkedIn profile.


Avanii, a start-up founded by Marya (Dzmitruk) Kato and Roger Hull, ventures into the Information Technology and Sustainability realms. It supports businesses in technologically efficient and environmentally friendly ways. Avanii’s LinkedIn page provides more insights into this innovative Calgary start-up incubating fresh ideas in software and sustainability.

Axon4D Technologies

Founded by Jared Fisk, Axon4D Technologies specializes in fiberoptic sensor technology for the global enterprise. The start-up aims to revolutionize monitoring and reporting practices across industries like oil and gas, water treatment, and mining.


Consulting and software firm KeyFi, founded by Ben Gervais, strives to streamline enterprise operations with groundbreaking apps. Follow their journey on @KeyFi_app and their LinkedIn profile.


Dianomix, the brainchild of Ali Asghari, Marius Ulsamer, and Olivier Aubin, develops autonomous last-mile delivery solutions for shoppers, integrating robotics into e-commerce. Its unique approach to home delivery significantly improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Stay in touch with Dianomix at @dianomix and their LinkedIn profile.

Convergence Medical Sciences

Based in Calgary, Convergence Medical Sciences is dedicated to transforming healthcare through their innovative suite of software applications. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page for more updates.


Divorcepath, founded by James Shewchuck, is a legaltech startup which has revolutionized Canadian family law software. They ease child support and spousal support calculations while providing courtroom-ready reports within minutes. Stay in touch with Divorcepath on Twitter, like their Facebook page or connect on their LinkedIn.

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