Exploring Calgary’s Innovative Biotech Startups in Canada’s Dynamic Landscape

January 6, 2024

Canada is home to an array of innovative startups, particularly in the burgeoning biotechnology industry. Calgary, known as a hotspot for technological innovation, has given birth to a new era of companies, that not only operate in this challenging industry but are also striving to make a global impact. These homegrown businesses, all established in 2020 or later, are harnessing cutting-edge technologies to redefine and disrupt traditional norms in the biotech world. There’s much to marvel at when we delve into their respective endeavors, so let’s navigate through the remarkable journey of each one.

All of the highlighted companies are making significant strides in their respective sectors, with ventures ranging from strategic RNA production to AI-driven medical solutions. Their ideas are not only revolutionary but have the potential to reshape our world and the way we perceive healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and many other sectors. With their extraordinary ideologies, these businesses are propelling Calgary to the fore of the global biotech scene.

These companies are the embodiment of innovation, endurance, and tenacity, representing Calgary’s vibrant startup culture. Through the advancements they bring forth, they are helping cement Canada’s position on the radar of the global biotech industry. Let’s take a closer look at these startups, explore their unique offerings, and ponder their immense potential.

Northern RNA

Co-founded by Brad Stevens and Thomas Hansen, Northern RNA operates at the intersection of biotechnology, manufacturing, and medical sectors. Despite its recent initiation, the company is taking big strides in its field, working hard to make a meaningful impact. More about their innovative solutions can be found on their LinkedIn Page.


AgGene, started by Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel, operates across the agriculture, biotechnology, food and beverage, and life science industries. Utilizing innovative technologies, they are making their mark and prompting noteworthy transformations within these sectors. You can find additional information on their LinkedIn Page.

Skymount Medical

Skymount Medical is a novel player in the biotechnology and medical realms, utilizing artificial intelligence to propel their objectives. Their Deep Drug platform significantly decreases time and monetary investments in drug discovery research. To stay updated about their work, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or check their LinkedIn Page.

Teser Technologies

Teser Technologies is revolutionizing the biotechnology and healthcare sectors with their UV-C sanitization solutions. By manufacturing sanitization chambers that halt the spread of diseases, they are significantly contributing to creating safer environments. Follow Teser Technologies on Twitter, Facebook or their LinkedIn Page.

NanoTess Inc.

NanoTess, Inc., led by Megan Leslie, is a biotech and healthcare startup focusing on nanotechnology solutions to address various health issues. Their technologies are revolutionizing health solutions, keeping their commitment towards deploying “small and mighty solutions” to plug gaps in healthcare needs.


AnthoBio, operating at the overlap of biopharma, biotechnology, and dietary supplements sectors, is another example of Calgary’s innovative startup environment. Though detailed information about their innovative solutions and offerings is awaited, their unique positioning and potential promise an exciting journey ahead.

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