Exploring Calgary’s Rise in E-Commerce: Spotlight on Canadian Startups

January 29, 2024

Canada has always been a fertile ground for startups, with an influx of talent, ideas, and supportive regulatory environments. According to the 2020 Canadas Internet Factbook, over 75% of Canadians shopped online, and 27% of Canadians shop online more than once a month. While startups in various sectors continue to boom in Canada, the E-commerce industry — particularly those based in Calgary, Alberta — have witnessed significant growth especially during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve rounded up some standout companies in Calgary that were founded in 2020 or later, operating within the thriving E-commerce sector.

This list includes startups dealing in a wide range of E-commerce operations, from food and beverages, home decor, retail, beauty, health care, and more. The founders of each of these startups have created unique and compelling brands that have captivated the market and carved out their own portions of the industry. Despite being young, these startups have shown impressive innovation and agility, quickly adjusting to the ever-changing market conditions and consumer behaviors influenced by the global pandemic.

From automated last-mile delivery solutions to home decor, these Calgary-based startups are not only leveraging digital platforms to serve their customers but also embodying the spirit of innovation that is a hallmark of the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape. Here is a closer look at some of these companies shaking up the E-commerce industry.


Mundii, led by founders Pratik Patel, is an E-commerce startup based in Calgary, Alberta that operates within the consumer goods, delivery, food and beverage, and wholesale industry. Mundii aids organisations wanting a robust brand, compelling propositions, and marketing for business development. They offer core marketing services like corporate ID, content writing, creative services, websites, and sales tools, providing direction and support when it’s needed the most. Follow them on Facebook.


Dianomix, co-founded by Ali Asghari and Marius Ulsamer, provides autonomous last-mile delivery solutions. Their unique robot design allows for multiple deliveries in one single trip, facilitating faster, safer, and cost-effective delivery for consumers. They can be tracked down on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Leafify, a startup in the home decor and retail industry, offers a wide range of home and garden solutions for customers. Keep up with them on Facebook.

Return Guru – We come to you

Ever found returns to be tiresome? Return Guru is the solution. This company offers on-demand pick up at your home for any online shopping return. Find more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mona Haghi’s SweetnFresh allows users to order fresh bread and baked goods from their favourite local bakeries. They also offer a bread subscription feature. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Local Shops

Local Shops, co-founded by Ryan Corry and Serene Yew, focuses on small businesses and their products or services. Their goal is to keep consumer spending local and shift buying habits from mass retail. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Prudential Market

Prudential Market, based in Calgary, operates within the E-commerce, marketplace, and retail industry. Check them out on Facebook.


Pronto, founded by Claudiu Bella, shoots product photos for eCommerce brands. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hair Care Canada

Hair Care Canada, co-founded by Corby Johnston and Shelley Lester, operates within the beauty, healthcare, and retail industry. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Vendazzo, co-founded by Daniel Senecal and Shaun Senecal, is a shopping search engine that lets you search for items from more than 125,000 retailers and brands. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Menu Mandala Ltd.

The e-commerce food delivery start-up, co-founded by Jasen Stein and Ricky Kawa, is shaking up the food delivery industry in Calgary. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The buzz of innovation and startup energy in Calgary, Alberta is palpable. Within the thicket of start-up innovation, e-commerce companies are leading the way, creating jobs, fueling economic growth, and changing the way we shop and live. Keep an eye out on these startups as they mature and expand their services.

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