Exploring Calgary’s Rising Stars in Canada’s FinTech Startup Scene

January 23, 2024

Almost a decade since its emergence, the financial technology (FinTech) industry has radically transformed the conventional face of global economic affairs. Today, numerous pioneering startups are making audacious moves to revolutionize finance – making it more accessible, secure, and efficient. Situated in the heartland of Canada’s energy industry, Calgary, Alberta, is not an exception to this digital revolution. A growing number of dynamic FinTech startups are springing up in Calgary, changing the financial landscape while putting the city on Canada’s FinTech map. Following are some of these startups, all of which were founded in 2020 or later, in the financial technology industry based in Calgary.

Firstly, Chroma Technologies, a startup that specializes in financial services, PropTech and Software, with a particular focus on the rental Property industry. Chroma was founded by a team of four ambitious entrepreneurs lead by Myles Shedden, Riley Pickerl, Tiffany Kaminsky, and Yacine Bara.

From investing to personal finance and even sports, Calgary-based 2020 and beyond FinTech startups are taking an inclusive approach to finance, ensuring these services are accessible to all Canadians. Here are eight startups that exemplify this entrepreneurial spirit.

Chroma Technologies

Founded by Myles Shedden, Riley Pickerl, Tiffany Kaminsky, and Yacine Bara, Chroma Technologies is in the Financial Services, FinTech, Rental Property, and Software industry, creating innovative solutions in the rental property market. Through powerful technology, Chroma aims to streamline the industry, making it more transparent and efficient for all parties involved. [source]


Flahmingo is a mobile application that makes investing accessible for all Canadians. Founded by Gio L. Moros, Kunal Seth, and Taran Singh Kainth, the platform allows users to invest in their favourite companies with as little as $5. Their innovative ‘Pies and Slices’ technology and investment automation strategies redefine traditional investment styles. [source]


Tykera, co-founded by Eric Yeung, Harley Christensen, specialises in providing growth capital for amateur sports using enrollment fees as security. They offer on-demand access to clubs’ deferred accounts receivables. [source]


Founded by Leanne Leblanc and Meredith Wasney, Rallie is a financial technology startup dedicated to making investing in the crypto-economy accessible for women. The platform facilitates investments in Bitcoin and Ether, as well as building crypto literacy. [source]


Adatra is a fintech startup leading the industry in financial trading platforms. With innovative strategies and technology, it has made trading more accessible and transparent than ever. [source]


Founded by Alex Wilkinson, Houski is revitalising the mortgage process. Choosing to discard the outdated 2-week-long process, Houski’s automated system streamlines it into a 20-minute task. [source]


OneVest is a financial services startup specialising in wealth management. It provides innovative solutions for clients to efficiently manage their finances. [source]


Founded by Richard Gibson, MyForexReport is the world’s first Forex Review Platform. It is dedicated to providing unbiased, independent, and statistically proven reviews of Forex trades and related entities to help individuals achieve a successful trading career. [source]

While still in their infancy, these startups are undoubtedly making strides in the FinTech industry. As they continue to grow, they promise to bring even more innovation and transformation to the finance industry in Canada, and beyond.

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