Exploring Calgary’s Up-and-Coming Consulting Startup Scene in Canada

January 4, 2024

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020, the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship continued to thrive in Calgary, Alberta. New startups sprung up across different industries, carrying forward the torch of technology, creativity, and problem-solving. The consulting industry, in particular, saw some promising entrants who have been pivotal in driving growth in their respective fields. Here are some of the standout startups that have been established since 2020 in Calgary that are revolutionizing the consulting industry.

Kathairos Solutions
Kathairos Solutions is a dynamic startup founded in 2020, specializing in CleanTech, Environmental Consulting and Oil and Gas. Their work aims to mitigate the impacts of climate change, led by a team of seasoned experts. They are not just advising on environmental matters; they are actively participating in crafting solutions to our planet’s greatest challenge of global warming.

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Life Support Mental Health Continually improving mental health services is the driving force behind Life Support Mental Health, co-founded by Dean Morrison and Keith Crawford. They offer consulting services and healthcare diagnostics designed to assist individuals suffering from mental health issues.

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KeyFi Combining the use of apps, consulting and software into a coherent package, KeyFi, led by Ben Gervais, is a game changer in the consulting industry.

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The Rubic Pioneering innovative solutions in industrial automation, mechanical engineering, and product management, The Rubic offers top-notch consulting services to clients.

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Digitally Measured Digitally Measured equips businesses with actionable insights by offering consulting services in analytics and information technology.

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Metrik Connect Solutions Offering consulting services in cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity and information technology, Metrik Connect Solution’s focus is on solutions that are beneficial from a business operations perspective.

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Outside Edge Advisors Founded by Laura Tennant, Outside Edge Advisors is a consulting firm specializing in management consulting and outsourcing. Their professional advice helps clients improve their performance and achieve their business goals.

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Better Company Founded by Anže Meglič, Brin Soko, Chris F. Yee, and Nejc Paradiž, Better Company offers a wide range of services, from big data consulting to document management and internet services.

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Clinify Inc Founded by Michael Omidele, Clinify Inc. operates in the health care and software industry. They offer a standardized system for diagnosis, procedures, lab tests, and radiology exams.

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Ilucidy Co-founded by Gerard Dineros, Ilucidy offers services in finance and management consulting and is committed to providing innovative solutions to business challenges.

OPX Ai Led by founder Jai Kumar Joon, OPX Ai is dedicated to connecting instruments, sensors, data, and workers. Specializing in AI and machine learning, they are true experts in operational excellence.

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Despite the diversity in these startups, they all share a common trait: the courage to birth a new product or service in uncertain times. By focusing on innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, these consulting companies are not only driving economic growth in Calgary but are also setting new trends in their respective industries across Canada.

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