Exploring Canada’s Emerging Analytics Startups: An In-Depth Feature

January 2, 2024

Big data and analytics have revolutionized the way businesses operate, make decisions, and interact with their customers. From machine learning to predictive analytics, the realm of big data signals a new era of strategic planning and operational efficiency. Businesses are now able to harness vast amounts of information and convert it into actionable insights that can help solve intricate problems. This article showcases an overview of 10 Canadian data and analytical startups that were founded in 2020 or later. These startups, located across Canada, are making their mark in various industries like automotive, retail, real estate, and even healthcare.

NowVertical Group

Based in Toronto, Ontario, NowVertical Group is an analytics company that combines big data and vertical intelligence to provide predictive, industry-specific solutions. With a product suite that enables the creation of high-value VI solutions, this startup is making significant strides in various industries, including automotive, business development, data integration, government, and retail technology. Connect with NowVertical Group on LinkedIn.


Located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, SiftMed uses its AI platform to efficiently review and analyse unstructured medical data. By improving access to critical information, SiftMed helps reduce the costs that are usually driven by time and access complexities. Check out SiftMed on LinkedIn.


Ownly, based in Calgary, Alberta, specializes in big data analysis, enhancing customer experience, and improving sales and lead generation. Focusing predominantly on the real estate industry, Ownly leverages data to provide valuable insights for its clients. You can find more about them from their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

ESG Analytics

ESG Analytics is a Vancouver-based startup that uses alternative data and artificial intelligence to provide insight and analysis into environmental, social, and governance factors for companies, countries, and ETFs. Interested to know more? Don’t forget to visit their LinkedIn page.

ari Technologies

ari Technologies introduces a next-gen universal shopping link that connects creator content with shoppers. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the startup uses organic performance data to help brands gain insights and grow. Learn more about them on their ari Technologies LinkedIn page.


Located in Montreal, Quebec, Mely.ai is an AI startup aiming to save enterprises significant amounts of time and money by removing manual document extraction and manual data entries to systems. Keen to find out more? Visit Mely.ai’s LinkedIn profile.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada is a Toronto-based company striving to democratize education by using AI to curate multi-media content based on each student’s learning ability and level. Learn more about what they are doing on their Twitter feed.


CandidateHub uses re-engagement and nurturing technology to connect employers with top-quality candidates. This Riverview, New Brunswick-based company specializes in data integration, employment, marketing automation, and recruiting. Learn more about CandidateHub via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Naiad Lab

Naiad Lab— located in Edmonton, Alberta– connects healthcare providers with remote patients by using health measurements and advanced data analytics. MedROAD, Naiad Lab’s platform, utilizes medical devices for telemetry-driven consultations. Find more about them on Naiad’s LinkedIn profile.

Scient Analytics

Scient Analytics provides simplified data analytics tools to standardize the collection and processing of visual data. Situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this innovative startup is making data more manageable and understandable. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

EarthDaily Analytics

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA) is a Vancouver-based Canadian company dedicated to providing evidence-based insights. These actionable insights are applied to solving global challenges, including sustainable agriculture, disaster management, climate change monitoring, and forestry protection, among others. More about their initiatives can be learned by visiting the EarthDaily Analytics LinkedIn page.

This is just a small sample of the innovative startups transforming the data and analytics space in Canada. These companies are leveraging technology to create fresh perspectives and processes across their respective industries. It’s inspiring to see how Canadian startups are playing a significant role in shaping the future of data and analytics.

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