Exploring Canada’s Emerging Commercial Real Estate Startups: A Spotlight Feature

January 4, 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of the Beststartup Canada series, where we aim to spotlight the cream of the crop startups that were birthed in the year 2020 across the Canadian terrain. For this article, we will be focusing on the diverse startups operating within the Commercial Real Estate industry.

The real estate industry has been flourishing, especially since 2020 and the startups operating within this space have exhibited great resolve and innovation. Let’s look at some of these startups that are turning heads and leaving a mark with their exceptional business models and exciting visions.

Each company featured has had a unique journey that has fostered resilience and propelled them to their current successes. Below you’ll find information on their origins, industry, descriptions and contact details. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and take a couple of minutes to learn about these Canadian wonders.

JLC Investments

JLC Investments was conceived in Montreal and operates within Property Management and Real Estate Investment fields among others. The company’s main function is buying off-market properties at significant discounts for internal acquisition. JLC Investments is primarily interested in areas such as self-storage, commercial, single-family and multifamily. See more of their exciting work on their LinkedIn page.

Cantiro Group

Based in Edmonton, Cantiro Group is the real estate industry’s helping hand in finalizing property finishes to fit with your lifestyle. Their primary functionality is helping you design your residential rental projects. They also offer incomparable investment opportunities that you can learn more about from their LinkedIn page.

Practice Exchange

Another Edmonton gem, Practice Exchange, is essentially a platform that provides support for dental practices. Their holistic offering stretches from the listing phase all the way through to Year 1 post-purchase. Their LinkedIn provides additional valuable insights, make sure to check them out.

Evertrinity Holding Inc

Evertrinity Inc is a Vancouver-based company in the Commercial Real Estate industry, focusing on ultra-longevity technology housing system that fosters the balanced development of spiritual wealth, monetary wealth and health wealth.

Groupe Landerz

From Montreal, Groupe Landerz operates within the Property Development and Real Estate Investment fields. They are innovatively delivering unmatched results in the SaaS and Software industry. You can connect with the team on their LinkedIn page.


Caret, based in Calgary, is a Proptech company that cleverly bridges the gap between property managers, owners and tenants by providing end-to-end communication, booking and work order solutions. Caret’s LinkedIn page gives more insights into its innovative solutions.


Operated by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin from Calgary, Syzl is revolutionizing kitchen utilization. This startup focuses on repurposing existing infrastructure into the sharing economy thereby paving the way for the use of millions of idle square feet. Be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn.

North Atlas Commercial Real Estate

Located in Winnipeg, North Atlas Commercial Real Estate is a renowned commercial property brokerage firm seeking to increase their clients’ ROI while mitigating risk in a competitive market. To learn more about the company, visit their LinkedIn page.

Essential Real Estate Partners

Essential Real Estate Partners was founded in Toronto by Dan Merriam and Sandy Mackay. Investment opportunities, refurbishment expertise and transparency are paramount for this asset management firm with private partnerships in Canada. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn to connect.


Based in Toronto, on the brink of burgeoning growth in Real Estate Investment lies Tieet. Keeping a keen eye on their growth trajectory will be worth your time.

DH76 Capital Partners

DH76 Capital Partners based in Toronto, aims to solve CRE financing at entry levels and investment levels. Led by Josh Adman, DH76 is fast building a reputation in CRE debt and equity circles serving. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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