Exploring Canada’s Innovative AgTech Startups: Homegrown Success Stories

January 3, 2024

Canada has been recognized as a hotspot for innovative startups, especially in the AgTech sector. Since 2020, several promising market entrants have emerged using revolutionary technology to address common challenges in agriculture. This article features 12 such AgTech startups operating in Canada with the aim to revolutionize the industry with their ground-breaking concepts.

From utilizing advanced vision sensors, machine learning, and robotic swarm farming to inventing advanced soil nutrients, these startups are dedicated to enhancing the quality of farming methods and agricultural endeavours. While pushing the boundaries in the agriculture sector, they are also making strides in associated fields like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, machine learning, farming robotics, and biotechnology.

Each company mentioned in this chronicle holds a unique, cutting-edge vision for the future of agriculture in Canada. Whether it’s optimizing farming efficiency, promoting sustainability, or driving health and wellbeing, these startups are building the future of AgTech right here in Canada.

Barnstorm Agtech

Founded by Mitchell London and Parker Wells, Barnstorm Agtech is a groundbreaking venture specializing in robotic swarm-farming. With a keen focus on precision and powered deployment of farm technology, the company has etched a place for itself in the AgTech field in Senlac, Saskatchewan. Using automation and robotics, the company aims to revolutionize farming practices. (LinkedIn) (Facebook)

Vivid Machines

Toronto-based startup Vivid Machines has been transforming the agriculture industry since its inception. Founded by Jenny Lemieux and Jonathan Binas, the company uses advanced vision sensors and machine learning to improve yields and produce quality in fruit and vegetable farming.(LinkedIn)

Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients, based in Okotoks, Alberta, sets out to revolutionize agriculture by questioning the status quo and creating innovative products to benefit growers. The firm is focused on enhancing farm productivity and profitability.(LinkedIn)(Facebook)

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

Operating from Edmonton, Alberta, Farmer’s Legacy Biotech is another AgTech startup that intersects with CleanTech and the Food and Beverage industry to bring groundbreaking solutions to the market.

The Brainfood Mushroom Company

Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, The Brainfood Mushroom Company markets a variety of potent, exotic fungi extracts designed for enhancing health and wellbeing. Their work acts at the crossroads of agriculture, biotechnology, health care, and psychology.(LinkedIn)(Facebook)

Marine BioEnergy, Inc

With its headquarters in La Canada Flintridge, California, but also working dedicatedly on Canadian waters, Marine BioEnergy, Inc is developing a unique system to grow giant kelp in the open ocean, aiming to create a viable biomass feedstock.(LinkedIn)

My Fungi

Focused on the farming, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors, My Fungi, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta brings a unique offering to the AgTech space. Founded by Dave Auger, this startup reflects the ongoing interest in fungi-based products.(LinkedIn)(Facebook)


Focusing on indoor farming, Cultivatd, founded by Eric Bergeron and Eric Levesque out of Cornwall, Ontario, works with the best product developers and technologies to help growers find the right solutions for their projects.(LinkedIn)(Facebook)


Founded by Scott Russell, FeedFlo in Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides real-time feed data for animal agriculture, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and improve animal health.(LinkedIn)

Liven Proteins

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Liven Proteins, led by Fei Luo, operates in the AgTech, Biotechnology, CleanTech, Food and Beverage, Sustainability industries. The company integrates innovation and technology to give a fresh perspective to these sectors.(LinkedIn)

Picketa Systems

Focused on the AgTech, CleanTech, and Software sectors, Picketa Systems, launched by Maxime Dumont, Xavier Hébert-Couturier, from Fredericton, New Brunswick, provides farming operations with real-time plant tissue sampling for nutrient analysis, helping farmers optimize fertilizer usage.(LinkedIn)(Facebook)

In conclusion, these startups bear testimony to the immense potential and diversity of the Canadian AgTech industry by showcasing how technology-backed solutions can revolutionize farming practices.

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