Exploring Canada’s Innovative Big Data Startups: Nationwide Industry Spotlight

January 3, 2024

Canada has seen a surge of innovative startups recently, particularly in the field of Big Data. From software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence to information technology, these startups are not only bringing technological advancement but are also contributing significantly to the employment sector in Canada. Representing different regions, their talent and creativity is as diverse as the country itself. In this article, we introduce the reader to some of these startups.

Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are in the budding stage. Despite being in the initial years, their determination and dedication to their respective fields have led them to achieve milestones many don’t achieve in their entire professional journey. Even though they started their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t hamper their spirits. They’ve been providing exemplary examples of how to adapt, evolve, and thrive in the deep valleys of challenges.

The prime goal of this article is to provide a brief description of these startups, offering the reader a snapshot of what’s booming in Canada’s Big Data industry. Scroll down to know more about their locations, industry, founders, a brief bio, and their websites.

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group, based in Toronto, provides Big Data and analytics solutions. It was founded by Daren Trousdell and is organized by industry vertical. The company secures and mobilizes data in a transformative and compliant way, providing high-value Vertical Intelligence solutions. Follow them on Twitter @NowVerticalNews and LinkedIn here.


Calgary based Ownly specializes in Big Data, data analysis, customer experience, data analytics, sales, and lead generation. They have an accomplishment in Real Estate, Software, Analytics and Lead Generation Industry. Do not forget to follow them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


SocialGrep, located in Montreal, operates in the Big Data, Market Research and Social Media industry. This start-up by Andrey Sherbakov offers social media statistics for reddit – popular communities, trending topics, and more. Follow them on Twitter @socialgrep.

Berkindale Analytics

Also located in Montreal, Berkindale Analytics works in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Consulting and Financial Services industry. They leverage deep expertise in financial technologies to provide powerful AI and Big Data-driven analytics. Follow their LinkedIn page here.

80 Galaxy

80 Galaxy, situated in Toronto, operates in the Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Information Services, SaaS and Web Hosting industry. They are also on LinkedIn, follow them here.

Pandemic AI

Ottawa based Pandemic AI is working in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Database, News, and Online Portal industries. It is also available on Twitter, follow them @pandemic_ai.


SweetData.io from Montreal is in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Visualization, Developer APIs, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Social Network and Software industry. They provide a data marketplace to search, buy, sell and download datasets aimed for machine learning and big data purposes. You can connect with them on Twitter @sweetdataio.

Wrangler AI

Based in Toronto, Wrangler AI offers a helping hand to businesses and individuals by providing real life applications and demystifying the field of artificial intelligence. Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, Data Modelling, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

Better Company

Calgary based Better Company works in Big Data, Consulting, Data Storage, Database, Document Management, Information Services, Information Technology and Internet Industry. You can follow them on LinkedIn here.

Kamu Data

Kamu Data, situated in Vancouver, aims to bring the power of enterprise data pipelines into decentralized zero-trust environment and lets people efficiently exchange structured data and collaborate on building real-time data supply chains and analytical pipelines. Follow their LinkedIn page here.


Montreal-based Datamaker, founded by Mathieu Pelletier, provides a platform to develop and test data pipelines efficiently in the Big Data, Information Technology, Internet, Quality Assurance, Software industry. You can follow them on LinkedIn here.

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