Exploring Canada’s London-Based Casual Games Industry Startup Innovators

January 5, 2024

In the evolving landscape of technology, gaming has marked its presence as a prominent industry, especially in the realm of casual games. Startups newly founded in London, England, are making headway with unique gaming concepts, technological innovations, and engaging gameplay. This article will introduce some of the startups, founded in 2020 or later, which are bringing a fresh perspective to the casual gaming industry.

The Casual Games industry traditionally focusses on games which are simple to play, have straightforward rules, and do not require major time commitment, such as mobile and browser games. Yet, these startups are pushing the envelope introducing unique game mechanics, social integration and cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality.

Without further ado, let’s take a tour through the innovative and exciting startups making waves in the Casual Games scene in London:


Streaks is a startup centered around Casual Games, Gaming, and Web Development. They have set up their base in London, England, and are contributing to the evolution of the gaming industry. You can get to know more about their exciting projects on their official LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


Another significant name in the arena of Casual Games, E-Learning, and Media and Entertainment industry is 8Bitcade, headquartered in London. They have a remarkable presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Playwind Games

Founded by Jack Tang in 2020, Playwind Games is a mobile game studio that enriches the casual gaming experience by introducing games that have a social component. Visit their Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to know more about them.


Founded by Fikayo Otun and Tofunmi Babatunde, Kodobe is a startup that employs gaming to enhance customer engagement for businesses. You can get a glimpse of their work on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Under the keen eye of founder Florian Rival, GDevelop has been developing gaming platforms that promise to engage everyone. To stay updated with their latest developments follow their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Momentum Games

Momentum Games, an ambitious project led by founder Tolga Unlu, aspires to create big, viral-impact projects. You can get the latest updates on their exciting games on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Pocket Burger Games

Pocket Burger Games has been founded by Adam Sullivan, Jarrod Gecek, Matt Down, and Mitchell Smallman. This ambitious team envisions creating unique mobile games for niche markets. You can track their progress and new releases on their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


NetBorn brings together a blend of shooter games, battle royale, and virtual reality based in London. Access the thrilling world of NetBorn via their Twitter page.


Launched by founder Edgar Ai, Senome brings interactive stories accented with a nostalgic visual style and mysticism to the gaming world. Check out their work on LinkedIn.

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