Exploring Canadian Bitcoin Startups Flourishing from London Headquarters

January 4, 2024

Canada has earned its place as a hotbed for startups, with innovative and forward-thinking businesses emerging from all across the country. This is particularly true in the fast-paced and often groundbreaking world of financial technology, or FinTech. The following article goes on to explore and highlight several notable startups based out of London, England, operating within the Bitcoin industry, all of which were founded in or after the year 2020. Each of these startups gives us a unique insight into the diversity and potential that the Bitcoin industry has to offer, especially in regard to the advancement of global finance and investment technologies.

As the world shifts into the digital age, Bitcoin has emerged as a significant player in the global financial market, cryptocurrency in particular holding potential for substantial return on investment for traders. Whether for buying, selling, trading, or investing, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have found themselves rooted in the fabric of international commerce and banking. From trading platforms and brokerage services to mining companies and even art showcases, London is a hub of innovation for prospective Bitcoin startups. These companies have not only made a splash in the financial world but are setting exciting precedents for the future of cryptocurrency.

Let’s dive into the world of Bitcoin startups based out of London. Each of these companies has carved out its own niche within the industry, demonstrating the possibilities that lie at the cross-section of finance, technology, and crypto-enabled solutions. Get ready to explore the variety of ways in which these startups have leveraged the power of Bitcoin to create some truly original services and products.


Founded by Dmitry Knox, Evgeny Grachev, and Nina Knox, Tokenplace is a major player in the Bitcoin industry, dabbling in financial services, FinTech and operating a crypto trading platform. The company has crafted a sophisticated online tool that conglomerates the market’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, granting traders access to optimal pricing and seamless transactions. Following them on their Twitter or visiting their LinkedIn can keep you updated on their latest happenings.


Specializing in Bitcoin, Cowa is a mining company with a close-to-nature approach. Based on the vision of mass adoption of Bitcoin and immediate support of world-class crypto projects, they strive towards zero-carbon mining operations. Following them on Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to stay on topic with their latest breakthroughs.

Trade Block London

Trade Block London services the Bitcoin industry with its consulting, finance, and financial technology offerings. To learn more about their services, follow them on Facebook or visit their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Khaleel Musleh, Axes stands as the first CFD’s Neo-Brokerage offering trading on all asset classes, commission free. Providing traders with complete transparency, flexibility, and mobility to trade across the globe. With a broad reach that includes Bitcoin, finance, and mobile platforms among others. Their latest news can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Crypto Code UK

Crypto Code UK is a Bitcoin Mining Software firm that specifically develops blockchain and cryptocurrency related technologies. They have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where they frequently share insightful updates.


Merge provides crypto and web3 companies with banking and payment solutions. They have eliminated the barriers for companies looking to get into the financial markets by providing bank account creation, seamless conversion between fiat and crypto, and efficient payment systems. For updates, check out their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Hammad Kayani, BitFutr is a digital fintech startup that allows transactions through digital currencies, hence making digital currency more approachable and accessible. Updates on their developments can be found on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Honest Gallery

Founded by Sam Enrico Williams, the Honest Gallery is an innovative platform that displays works from NFT creators. This inventive company merges the worlds of art and Bitcoin, showcasing the flexibility of cryptocurrency.

NFT Intellect

Also founded by Sam Enrico Williams, NFT Intellect is a pioneering platform that manages collective rights for NFT works. They’ve taken steps to define how intellectual property rights can be managed within the dynamic landscape of NFTs. Stay up-to-date with their developments by following their Twitter page.

NovaMining Labs

Founded by Mattia Pintus, NovaMining Labs is a Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency based company, focusing on Open Source projects. For updates, join them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Walio operates across Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. Their wide terrain also includes e-commerce, financial services, and Ethereum. For updates, check their Twitter feed or their LinkedIn page.

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