Exploring Canadian Consumer Industry Startups with Headquarters in Delhi

January 3, 2024

The Canadian Startups magazine known as Beststartup Canada has continued its showcasing of remarkable startups. This series is focussed on the Consumer industry, delving into Canada’s vibrant startup scene. Taken into focus in this entry are firms headquartered in Delhi, that have shown exceptional innovation despite their inception occurring in 2020 or later.

These companies have not only proved their capabilities but have shown a significant contribution to the Canadian startup ecosystem. Their establishment in the fast-paced tech era beset with covid pandemic, has been critical in revitalizing the industry, encouraging vigorous competition and creativity while providing valuable services and impactful products to consumers in the ever-growing digital age.

Today, Beststartup Canada shines a spotlight on eleven such companies, which despite their recent establishment, exhibit strength and promise and continue to break barriers in the consumer industry.


Nirmalaya is an environmentally conscious direct-to-consumer brand that excels in the provision of natural incense and fragrance items that are chemical-free, low-carbon, and eco-friendly. The brand truly lives up to its name which translates to “a pure offering”. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow them on @Nirmalaya3 Twitter.

Lets Hash

Lets Hash is a disruptive cigarette Brand, delivering services directly to its consumers. The company is not confined to commercial activities only, their dreams go far beyond. Through disruptive technology, they wish to digitalize the business operations of small shop owners and paanwalas, thus providing an efficient supply chain and enabling credit access. Learn more about their operations on LinkedIn.

Koparo Clean

Koparo Clean is a sustainable home and personal hygiene D2C brand. Their commitment to sustainability of mother earth is prominent in all of their products and initiatives. More about them can be found on LinkedIn.

Sale Assist

Sale Assist is a game-changer in the realms of Cloud Management, Consumer, Information Technology, SaaS, Video. They provide bridging solutions for the online-offline gap, use video to motoring real-time virtual commerce, and build interactive customer engagements in real-time. Check them out on
Facebook, LinkedIn or find them on @assist_sale Twitter.


HairVeda is all about care and nurture, providing 100 percent natural and organic hair care products. Your hair care solutions are no longer replete with chemicals. Discover more about their offerings on Facebook.

Svante Group

Striking the right balance between consumerism and manufacturing, Svante Group brings nanotechnology into the picture. Also, follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


In the prevailing times, when humanity needs to stand together, HelpEachOther.Today has launched a platform for resource sharing. A unique initiative that was born as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, the company aims to build a world of sharing. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.

Software Vital

A directory, review, and software comparison platform, Software Vital is here to serve IT marketing companies. Find and compare local and global agencies and never settle for less when you can get the best. Follow their @softwarevital Twitter for company updates and news.

Shopy Vision

Shopy Vision – a one-stop-shop for all your electronic needs. The company was founded with a view to providing a fresh shopping experience to its customers. They host a galore of high-quality products from renowned brands that are bound to catch your eye. Consider learning more about them and their offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.


335bazaar is a fintech-enabled E-Commerce platform striving to serve the Next Half Billion. With a blend of local and digital reach, it boosts immersive online experiences with personalized financial services. Recognize them better on LinkedIn.


Neuphony is a beacon in the Consumer Electronics space, bringing together technology, wellness, and neuroscience. They believe in the unlimited potential of the human mind and promote neurofeedback techniques for better mental health and mindfulness. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn, they also have a Twitter handle @neuphonyforu.

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