Exploring Delhi-Based Canadian Computer Industry Startups: A Panoramic View

January 5, 2024

Delhi, India’s capital, is fast becoming a global technology hub, attracting a number of start-ups, including some pioneering ones that were established from 2020 onwards. These ambitious ventures, though geographically located halfway across the world from Canada, are making waves within the computer industry and are poised to make significant contributions to advancements in the field. This article highlights some of the most promising startups based in Delhi, who are innovating and pushing the boundaries in the computer technology sector.

The startups we are spotlighting range from companies transforming education with quantum computing and nanotechnology, to firms using augmented reality and artificial intelligence for vehicle and component assessments. We will be looking at firms that are shaking up the refurbished mobile phone industry and those providing technical support for third-party products and services. The vast diversity in the computer start-ups scene in Delhi is indeed something to be noted.

Needless to say, these companies reflect the optimism and spirit of entrepreneurship prevalent in Delhi and the Indian startup ecosystem as a whole. Without further ado, let’s explore these daring startups who chose to launch their dreams during a most challenging year.

Mathematics Of Everything

Focusing on the intersection of education and technology, Mathematics of Everything is an intriguing startup founded by Shyam Narayan. The company showcases a wide range of specialties from human-computer interaction and nanotechnology to life science and neuroscience, aiming to transform the way these fields are perceived and taught. Connect with Mathematics Of Everything on LinkedIn and Facebook.

AiBorne Tech

Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality, AiBorne Tech has created a remarkable inspections platform that’s found favour with a variety of enterprise clients. From insurance providers to solar companies, many are relying on the platforms’ AI and AR capabilities for damage assessment and remote collaboration. Get to know AiBorne Tech better on their LinkedIn page.

Zobox Retails Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Neeraj Chopra, Zobox is revolutionising the re-sale mobile phone industry. Aiming to offer a win-win model for consumers and the industry, they are building a community around their reconditioned mobile phones. You can follow Zobox on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Co-founded by Amogh Tiwari and Ujwal Gupta, Talkie is a creative startup within the computer and software sector. The team posts regular updates on their LinkedIn and Twitter feeds.


Specialising in UX Design, Web Design, and Product Design to name a few, UxSquare provides consulting services across various fields within the IT and design landscapes. Learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Lappy Lab – HP Authorized Service Center

Lappy Lab is a technical support provider for third party products. They provide a range of services, from keyboard and motherboard repairs to data recovery and virus removal. You can follow Lappy Lab on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Startup Mesh

Startup Mesh is a team of experienced professionals offering leadership services designed to fuel the growth of startups. They offer a specific focus on technology, a key challenge for many of their clients. You can connect with Startup Mesh on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Pricepro X

Founded by Sonu Kumar, Pricepro X is an affiliate marketing, digital marketing and gaming company. You can find out more about Pricepro X on their Facebook page.

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