Exploring Delhi-Based Canadian Startups Revolutionizing the Consulting Industry

January 2, 2024

Canada has become a global sandbox for innovation and entrepreneurship with many talented individuals building their own startups. The Consulting industry, in-particular, has seen a rise in startups in recent years. In the capital city of Delhi, some impressive emerging businesses were born in 2020 and beyond, offering unique solutions, generating jobs, and contributing to the country’s economy. In this article, we will highlight some of these dynamic startups shaping the Consulting industry in Delhi.

These startups are disrupting conventional norms and opening new pathways in multiple industries such as GreenTech, Real Estate, Compliance, and more. They are leveraging cutting-edge technology, business intelligence, and management strategies to deliver value to their clients. Let’s delve into the insightful world of these startups.

Despite the myriad of challenges that the year 2020 posed, it did not stop these ambitious companies from launching and showing us the epitome of innovation and progression. The following startups have come forward with their unique consulting services designed to transform businesses and society positively.

Greenzo Energy

Located in Connaught Place, Delhi, Greenzo Energy operates in the Consulting, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Solar industry. The company develops and operates renewables and green hydrogen infrastructure, providing zero-emission energy services to its customers. They offer turnkey projects in green hydrogen, ammonia, fuel cell technology, energy storage, and transportation.


Nexprt, another Delhi-based startup, provides 100% customized end-to-end import solutions. Serving the consulting industry, Nexprt offers dedicated services designed to streamline the import process for businesses.


Propacity is a fully integrated suite of digital products to accelerate visibility, efficiency, and scalability for real estate businesses. The startup was founded by Imran Shaikh, Rahul Bansal, and Uday Vansh Malik and is making significant strides in reshaping the real estate industry with technology.


iKargos.com, a logistics compliance and consulting firm, aims to support importers and exporters with cross border trade compliance and certifications. They provide a one-stop-portal for all international logistics-related matters.


Wepreneurs is a business development and consulting firm located in New Delhi. The startup provides valuable business insights to help startups and businesses grow and achieve their goals.

Gnothi Seauton

Gnothi Seauton is a communications consulting firm that focuses on engagement and value creation. Established in 2020, this startup is carving a niche for itself in the business development and management consulting industry.

Olympus Research Global

Olympus Research Global, a startup in Delhi, provides consulting services in accounting, business Intelligence, IT Management, and Market Research. Their unique expertise provides in-depth and valuable insights to their clients.


Located in New Delhi, Finofii provides consulting in finance and financial services. This startup uses innovative approaches to deliver exceptional financial solutions to businesses.

CreoTek Systems India

CreoTek Systems India is a Delhi-based startup offering services in augmented reality, consulting, information technology, internet of things, and simulation. They develop innovative solutions by leveraging the potential of the latest technologies.

Encore Mindseek

Encore Mindseek provides solutions like executive, leadership recruitment and coaching, personnel recruitment, organizational design, HR systems and policies, and performance management. Their comprehensive services cover every significant aspect of the recruiting process.


CertAchiever offers IT services, training, and consulting services in various fields, including cloud computing, programming, big data and analytics, software quality assurance and testing, software development methodologies, cyber security, and project management.

In conclusion, these budding startups are showcasing the immense potential of the Consulting industry in Delhi. With their unique solutions and innovative operational strategies, they are contributing towards creating a thriving startup ecosystem in Delhi and across Canada.

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