Exploring Halifax’s Trailblazing Software Startups Flourishing in Canada

January 23, 2024

Captivating as it may be, Canada has successfully introduced a world to an abundance of startups since 2020. Particularly, Halifax, Nova Scotia, has become a breeding ground for new software firms and tech start-ups. These start-ups are committed to problem-solving through innovative digital solutions, creating new products, consoles, and web services. In this article, we will highlight some of the most promising software startups that not only originated but are headquartered in Halifax, incorporating the founders, their mission statements, and the revolutionary work they do.

This cohort consists of start-ups expediting their expertise in various sectors like Aerospace, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Software, Developer Platform, Developer API, Web Design, Video Games, Consumer Software, Business Intelligence, and CleanTech. Each start-up offers a unique solution that copes up with several incongruences in their respective fields. The following startups are the result of entrepreneurial spirit, technical prowess, and innovative ambition.

We present to you the start-ups that are capturing the software landscape of Halifax, bringing disruptive change and fresher perspectives in the mix. Solving pertinent issues with the latest developments in software and technology, these start-ups have truly paved their way in their respective fields and are bound to go a long way.


Co-founded by Arad Gharagozli, Galaxia specializes in Aerospace, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Software. The start-up uses cloud and AI-based computing systems to manufacture comprehensive space systems for satellites. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page and on Twitter at @GALAXIAsys.

Formula Consulting

Expert in Developer Platform and Software, Formula Consulting presents industrious digital solutions that subside the time and cost involved in civil construction projects by resolving an array of formwork problems. Their vast profile can be followed on their company’s LinkedIn page.


Founded by Sahand Seifi, NotificationAPI provides its clients with access to a powerful notification system that caters to diverse application scenarios. Keep up with them on LinkedIn.

Food For Thought

Operating in the software industry, Food For Thought saw its inception during the widespread school closure crisis back in 2020. Realizing a void in the market for software that manages logistics and supply chain for provincial-wide food programs, the startup found its purpose. Visit them on their Facebook page, Linkedin and on Twitter at @FFTSolutions.

Datastruk Software Solutions

Under the domains of Information Technology, Software, and Web Design, Datastruk Software Solutions has positioned itself as a leading start-up in Halifax.

Sideline Learning

Sideline Learning, founded by Michael Johnson, is a start-up that focuses on building a robust compliance-tracking platform, essentially benefitting organizations by verifying, educating, and certifying their members in one central location. Stay tuned with them on their Twitter page @sideline_learn.

Starcube Games

Focusing on the world of Software and Video Games, Starcube Games has started its journey in the volatile video gaming market. Their business model predominantly targets a specific genre and player base worldwide. Follow them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @GamesStarcube.

Dear Life

Founded by Harrison Smith, Paul LeBlanc, Raymond Pancura, and Ryan Corkum, Dear Life, a start-up developed for grieving individuals, helps keep memories alive by creating a beautiful tribute, thus preserving their loved one’s legacy. Get to know more about them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn and on Twitter at @thedearlifeapp


In the domain of Business Intelligence, CleanTech, and Software, Acuicy is providing managers with tailored, data-driven insights, enabling them to identify and deploy the most capital-efficient low-carbon solutions. Follow their accomplishments on their Linkedin page.

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