Exploring London-Based Canadian Cloud Data Service Startups: A Detailed Overview

January 4, 2024

Highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada, we are thrilled to introduce a series of articles showcasing startups located within the nation. Our focus in this piece is on startups that were brought into existence in or after 2020 – entities that are paving the way in the Cloud Data Services industry. With their headquarters situated in London, these startups are making a mark with their innovation and untamed creativity. Let’s delve deeper into the core of these companies and understand their products and services.

London has always been a city that champions innovation, with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives business growth and development. Given the rapidly growing digital economy, the Cloud Data Services industry has been a promising avenue for startups willing to explore new data solutions. These startups are key players accelerating digital transformation and giving companies the tools they need to adapt to an increasingly digital market.

As the Cloud Data Services industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, let’s appreciate these startup businesses that have been working tirelessly to transform the way we harness the power of data. Here, we have listed some of the impressive startups based in London.


Founded by Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov, Soveren is a frontrunner in providing streamlined solutions for modern security teams to regain control over sensitive data. From automating policy enforcement to mitigating data risks, their proprietary technology caters to a broad spectrum of needs. Soveren’s product development is credited to a partnership with the most innovative CISOs in the US and Europe.

The Software Institute

The Software Institute (TSI) is at the cutting edge of software training. They provide the latest on-site and online training in software development and on the application of software in the business and consumer world, making their students the most sought after. While having a focus on the future, TSI understands that foundational principles will always be vital in an ever-changing software landscape.


Ventriks, founded by Richard Quigley and Kowshik Rao is a leading cloud platform that facilitates data discovery, engineering, management, and analysis. Ventriks enables its clients to streamline their data processes and utilize information for decision making, simplifying complex tasks through user-friendly interfaces.

S2R Analytics

S2R Analytics is dedicated to delivering analytics and business intelligence solutions. As a consulting entity in the finance sector, they leverage cloud data services to form insights and drive strategic decisions. Their clients value their expertise in presenting complex information in an easily utilized format.

Newland Science

Newland Science specializes in cloud data services, databases, recruiting, and software. Their approach is rooted in practicality and ensuring their clients have the tools they need to navigate their digital landscapes without compromising functionality.


Hyperneph is a software and application development consultancy, focusing on digital transformation. Incorporated in 2020, they develop customer-centric solutions and help businesses leverage the power of cloud data services to transform their digital processes.


Quix is an in-memory data stream processing platform. Founded by Michael Rosam, Tomáš Neubauer, Peter Nagy, and Patrick Pedrol, Quix is designed for data engineers, developers, and data scientists who build real-time data-driven applications. It provides clients the ability to construct robust pipelines, train AI models on real-time data and create custom frontends to showcase their work.

Data Catalyst

Data Catalyst, founded by Dr. Nicholas Rendell and Jude Fisher, is a platform for developers wanting to connect their apps and services to sources of personal, commercial, and open data. Their technology layer manages reliable data connections, provides sandboxes, anonymized sample data, and much more. They provide standardization and aggregation across data sources making it highly efficient for developers.

Instill AI

Instill AI, founded by Ping-Lin Chang and Xiaofei Du, is bringing the power of AI to every industry. They are developing open-source unstructured data infrastructure, making AI more accessible to all. They offer a reliable and scalable foundation for AI-first applications and services through a no-/low-code interface.


Upload.io, founded by Lawrence Wagerfield, is a company that is transforming the way businesses handle data on the cloud. They are a part of the Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Content Delivery Network, Software, and Web Development industry. Upload.io is setting the standard for efficient and secure cloud-based data management.


Founded by Aaron Ritoper, Marc Campora, Piero Poli, and Warren Chang, Evorra is a SaaS marketplace leveraging the latest clean-room technology. They allow brands and agencies to build and scale valuable audiences while respecting privacy and providing data-source transparency.

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