Exploring London-Based Canadian Startups Excelling In Advice Industry

January 3, 2024

One of the positive things happening during these unusual times is the rise of a new wave of startups, many of them wonderfully innovative, in the advice industry. From investment planning and technology diligence to customer experience and digital transformation, these companies are facilitating a broad range of activities. Their focus is not just serving clients but creating sustainable business models that contribute positively to society at large. Here are the startups from London, Canada, that started in 2020 or later, you need to keep an eye on.

Despite the economic challenges, it is remarkable to observe the innovation, dedication, and resilience these new companies bring to the industry. Each startup, through its unique services, delivers value and disrupts the way we traditionally perceive the advice industry. With unique value propositions derived from deep insights, strategies, and cutting-edge technologies, these firms are setting new industry standards.

Without further ado, let’s delve into a quick introduction of these trailblazers. Each one has been selected because of its significant potential to shape the future of the advice industry in Canada and beyond.


Co-founded by Agu Aarna Hazem Abolrous, RingStone is transforming the financial, banking, insurance, IT and consulting industries, among others. They offer robust and effective software solutions for managing investment portfolios and utilize AI technology for organizational diagnostics and technology due diligence. RingStone places a high premium on customer experiences and quality. Check them out on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @RingStone11.

Isio Services

As an advisory startup in the wealth management, retirement, and financial services sector, Isio Services is creating a sustainable footprint in the industry. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Maniyar Capital

Founded by Dharmesh Maniyar, this startup operating in asset and financial management services is showing enormous potential. You can find them on LinkedIn.


ANDx, founded by Lasse Lindqvist and Rachel Cantu, offers business development, consulting, and management advice. They are creating impressive traction in these domains. Check their LinkedIn page for more details.

Silverback Ventures

Silverback Ventures believes in building sustainable, consumer-friendly brands in the era of automation. They are operating remarkably in the domains of business development and financial services. Find them on Twitter at @silverbventures and on LinkedIn.

Carleton Digital

Founded by Iain Millar, Carleton Digital offers a plethora of services in the digital marketing, IT, and innovation management spaces. With their diverse portfolio, they continue to design and deliver impactful digital strategies and customer experiences. Learn more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter at @carletondigital.


Citiesabc is a unique player in the industry advising and guiding cities on digital transformation. The platform is working on empowering citizens with 4IR tools and technologies. You can connect with them via Facebook, LinkedIn, or at their Twitter handle @citiesabc_.


OneWealth operates in the Financial Services and Wealth Management industries. Offering sessions that help people build financial confidence, they cover corporate services, banking and mortgages, retirement planning and more. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sirius Cove Group

Operating in financial services and venture capital, Sirius Cove Group is making a valuable contribution in the advisory and consulting space. Check them on LinkedIn.


Effecta delivers compliant advices in the financial industry. For more details, visit their LinkedIn page.

Reviresco Partners

Reviresco Partners are involved in asset management and financial services. Connect with them on LinkedIn, @Revirescoptnrs on Twitter, or their Facebook page.

In conclusion, these newly minted Canadian startups in the advice industry are already demonstrating considerable potential in their respective domains. It will be exciting to follow their growth trajectories and see how they contribute to this industry’s evolution in the future.

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