Exploring London-Based Canadian Startups in Business Information Systems Sector

January 5, 2024

Canadian startups are rapidly becoming a focal point in the global sphere. They are spearheading innovation and contributing to the overall economic development of the country. In particular, startups emerging in the Business Information Systems industry have shown significant growth over the past few years. These companies, many of which were launched in 2020 or later, are revolutionizing the way businesses gather, analyze, and use data.

London, Canada has become quite the hub for these startups, with companies focused on multiple sectors such as the Developer Platform, CRM, FinTech, Software, Document Management, Internet, Financial Services and so on. These companies are not just making a mark in Canada but are already causing ripples on the global stage. Today, we present some of the remarkable startups headquartered in London with inception from 2020.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these innovative companies has to offer. Please note that the specific details of each company, including their founders, can be found on their respective websites.


Almate is a standout player in the Business Information Systems industry. Founded by George Novik, this developer platform is improving the landscape of Information Technology. Check out their social media pages for more information on what they are about: Facebook, LinkedIn, and you can follow them on Twitter @almatecom.


Dialllog, founded by Karina Collis, merges the principles of Business Information Systems, CRM, FinTech, and Software. This startup stands out for its comprehensive platform designed specifically for Venture Capital funds. Connect with Dialllog on LinkedIn to keep up with their impressive rollouts.


Waybook redefines traditional onboarding & training with their innovative platform. Their Facebook and LinkedIn feeds provide a great way to follow their progress, and you can also follow their Twitter account @waybookapp for updates.


LIKEZERO, a name to remember in the Business Information Systems industry, is focused on being the most trusted authority for contract data in financial services. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @LIKEZEROSOCIAL to learn more about their vision and offerings.


A startup by Marko Wathen, Relefant is a platform geared towards simplifying accessibility of workplace knowledge. They are on LinkedIn and can be followed on Twitter @RelefantHQ.

Silverwood Brands

Creating, growing, and investing in consumer brands is the mission of Silverwood Brands. Established in 2021, their progress can be tracked on their LinkedIn page.


Search and procurement have never been so easy, thanks to Hifo, a startup founded by Thomas Naylor. You can follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter @hifosearch.

Fabrico SaaS

Fabrico, a cloud-based CMMS managing maintenance activities, stands as a testament to the potential of London’s startup scene. Founded by Blagovesta Pugyova, you can learn more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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