Exploring London-based Canadian Startups revolutionizing Communications Infrastructure

January 5, 2024

The Communications Infrastructure industry has seen a surge of innovation with the inception of numerous startups in recent years. From satellite communication to developer APIs, these businesses are making a significant impact on the way information is managed and communicated. This article highlights some exceptional startups headquartered in London that began their journey in or after 2020.

These innovators are not only applying cutting-edge technology to enhance communication infrastructure but are also solving crucial problems in the industry. Ranging from managing incidents efficiently to creating social networking platforms, the ambition and success of these startups make for an exhilarating read.

Each startup profiled below is unique, contributing its own value to the communications infrastructure landscape. Learn about their mission, their team, and the substantial progress they have made since their inception.

Mangata Networks

Mangata Networks specializes in satellite and wired communication services, providing valuable solutions in the telecommunications sector. The startup was founded in 2020 by Brian Holz and Juliette Neu and remains focused on delivering robust communication infrastructure. Connect with them on linkedin.


Making social experiences accessible like never before is Amity. Founded by Francesca Gargaglia, Korawad Chearavanont, and Touchapon Kraisingkorn, Amity powers digital communities, enabling users to engage in more meaningful connections. Follow them on facebook and LinkedIn.

nst. agency

nst. agency, founded by Michal Dybowski, is a tech company working in various sectors, including business development, blockchain, and communications infrastructure. It offers innovative solutions in aviation, medicine, space, and more. You can find the company on facebook and LinkedIn.

Bondi Platform Ltd

Specializing in Cyber Security, Database, Productivity Tools, and more, Bondi Platform Ltd is a creative tech startup providing essential solutions for the communications infrastructure industry. The startup was founded by Andrea Dutto, Gabriele Schiavone, Pissarello Marco, and Renato Avanzini. Discover more about them through facebook and LinkedIn.


Bloxspring is a communications consulting firm specializing in marketing and sales. Their innovative tactics and strategies are making waves in the industry. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn.


Incident.io, founded by Christopher Evans, Pete Hamilton, and Stephen Whitworth, is revolutionizing incident management with their Slack-integrated tool. The platform significantly improves business communication during outages and major incidents. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Tigerbond is a dynamic agency specializing in public relations, marketing and communication infrastructure. They offer creative solutions empowered by their global reach and innovative strategies. Follow them on facebook and LinkedIn.

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