Exploring London-Based Canadian Startups Revolutionizing the Compliance Industry

January 3, 2024

London-based startups are making significant strides in the Compliance industry, tackling challenges ranging from financial crime assurance to data security and protection. Established in 2020 or later, these companies are leveraging technology to help businesses manage risks while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and maintaining the highest level of operational efficiency. Here is a selection of London’s Compliance industry startups shaping the future of how businesses operate.

Businesses today operate in a complex regulatory environment, with significant penalties for non-compliance. Advanced technologies, such as AI, are progressively being incorporated into compliance management to enhance efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. These startups are cogent examples of how technology is being used to simplify and strengthen compliance and risk management strategies.

London, being one of the world’s key financial centres, is a thriving hub for startups looking to disrupt the Compliance sector. The city’s rich startup culture, coupled with a regulatory landscape that encourages innovation, creates ideal conditions for startups to flourish even in sectors as advanced and intricate as Compliance.


Cable, founded by Katie Savitz and Natasha Vernier, pioneers automated financial crime assurance, giving businesses 100% oversight of their portfolio. By monitoring all controls ceaselessly, Cable detects financial crime breaches and failures in real-time, enabling businesses to focus on combatting financial crime. Their work lies at the intersection of Compliance, Finance, FinTech, Information Services, and Risk Management.


Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov are the founders of Soveren, a startup that helps security teams regain control over sensitive data. By scanning Kubernetes clusters in real-time, Soveren automates data discovery, classification, and enforcement of security and compliance policies, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and hefty fines.


ComplyCube, led by founders Mohamed Alsalehi and Tarek Nechma, provides ID verification, AML, and KYC compliance solutions. Its platform is renowned for its breadth of services, flexibility, and affordability, making it an essential tool in the fight against identity fraud. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, ComplyCube will have a solution tailored to your needs.

RequirementONE Group

Founded by Helen Dann and Martin Gorm Pedersen, RequirementONE revolutionizes content management by transforming unstructured data into-actionable information. Their cloud-based platform is highly configurable, allowing for the accelerated delivery of solutions for compliance, regulatory horizon scanning and change management, business software implementation and more. RequirementONE is a leader in collaborative work and risk reduction.

Tend Legal

Tend Legal, founded in 2020, offers legal services to startups and entrepreneurs. With a focus on regulatory standards, legal compliances, and dispute resolutions, Tend Legal is one of the newest entrants in the London Compliance industry.


Croftz is a RegTech firm providing a SaaS SuperPlatform for Compliance, Risk, ID verification, Reporting & Transaction Screening services. Founded by Amit Sahni, Croftz leverages blockchain technologies to provide robust solutions in the compliance and risk management space.

Food Portal

Created in 2020, Food Portal equips food manufacturers with sophisticated and integrated food safety systems. Its software solutions are closing the loop on safety and compliance in the food and beverage industry. Food Portal is positioning itself to be a thought-leader in the sector.

Fortuna FX

Fortuna FX is an emerging player in the Compliance and Financial services industry. Based in London, their offering is set against a backdrop of robust risk management strategies.

Edmund Group

The Edmund Group delivers critical advisory services, with a focus on compliance, risk management, and financial crime prevention. Their varied service range, based on an understanding of compliance, risk, and financial crime, makes Edmund Group a go-to partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance successfully.

Holistic AI

Adriano Koshiyama and Emre Kazim are the founders of Holistic AI. This company is making significant strides in the Compliance sector with its focus on AI, Risk Management, and advanced Software solutions.

Nossa Data

Revolutionizing ESG data management and analytics is Nossa Data, founded by Irina Dumitrescu and Julianne Sloane. In an era where ESG performance is increasingly significant for business success, Nossa Data is enabling organizations to measure and improve their ESG performance effectively.

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