Exploring London-Headquartered Canadian Startups in Business Intelligence Sector

January 3, 2024


Despite the challenges of 2020, the business intelligence industry has not slowed down, particularly in the thriving startup scene of London, England. A number of innovative startups have come into existence, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide actionable insights for decision-makers. This article showcases some of the top Business Intelligence startups, headquartered in London, operating from 2020 onwards.

These businesses are revolutionizing sector/subsectors such as Information Technology, B2B solutions, Market Research, Digital Marketing, and Financial Services among others. They all possess immense potential and promise to transform their industries through the innovative use of data and intelligence.

Here’s a closer look at the companies making waves in the Business Intelligence industry:

Seer 365

Seer 365 is a technology company transforming the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation approach from system evaluation through deployment. Founded in 2020, this London-based company is making waves in the Business Intelligence and Information Technology sectors. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Offering services in B2B, Business Intelligence, and Market Research, SalesDRIIVN is a formidable presence in the Business intelligence industry. Further information about their services can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

S2R Analytics

Specializing in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Consulting, and Finance, S2R Analytics offers a comprehensive service package. They’re making notable progress in their field thanks to a strong team and exceptional service. Follow them on Twitter or head to their LinkedIn page for more.


Osinto leverages analytics and artificial intelligence to drive innovative solutions in B2B, Business Intelligence, and other sectors. Expect remarkable developments from this startup. Learn more on their LinkedIn page or by following them on Twitter.


Spontza is revolutionizing the advertising and brand marketing landscape with its innovative business intelligence solutions. Track their updates on their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook pages.


InfoPoly, a startup by Dariusz Bielak, is making impressive strides in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing, and more. More about their services can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Involt, founded by Naveen Naishadam and Williams Adeho, is altering the Business Intelligence, Financial Services, and Software Engineering sectors. Track their progress via their LinkedIn page.

Green Plane

Green Plane promotes adoption of software and technology across various industries. Keep an eye out for more innovations by following their LinkedIn page.


Plianz is a distinctly unique startup bringing compliance intelligence to enhance business efficiency. Follow their journey on their LinkedIn page.


Relefant, founded by Marko Wathen, expedites employees access to relevant workplace knowledge. Keep up with their progress by following them on Twitter or visiting their LinkedIn page.


Starthawk, founded by Ben Liger, is an online platform assisting startups and businesses to find co-founders. Stay updated on their exciting journey through their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


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