Exploring Montréal’s Innovative FinTech Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Financial Landscape

January 23, 2024

Canada is quickly emerging as a global hub of ingenuity and innovation, providing promising start-up firms with a prosperous business environment and lucrative funding opportunities. Montreal, Quebec, in particular, has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant start-up ecosystem, with the inception of numerous promising FinTech startups in 2020. All these companies boast exemplary ideas aimed at pushing the financial service industry into the next decade. Without further ado, here are some of the most promising FinTech startups of 2020 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

These start-ups have been able to leverage ground-breaking technologies to not only bring innovations to the financial services sector but also address some of the most pressing problems faced by clients today. From small businesses to individual consumers, these firms offer a range of services aimed at transforming traditional banking and finance.

What makes these startups stand out is their capacity to adapt rapidly and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies in their business models. Without any more delays, here are some of the most promising FinTech startups of 2020 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

FIX4 Capital

Founded by Derek Lloyd, Robert Bedard, and Tave Della Porta, FIX4 Capital aims to transform every car care invoice into an installment payment option. The FIX4 web app allows individuals to borrow against their vehicles at the same interest rate as standard credit cards without relying on credit scores, unlocking up to $10,000 of revolving credit in minutes, while using the vehicle’s value to ensure responsible financing. Follow FIX4 Capital on
Facebook and Linkedin.


Established by Nodar Janashia, Seb Audet, and Suhail Gangji, Zapper delivers a fintech platform that manages all DeFi assets from one practical interface. It offers shortcuts (Zaps) for entering DeFi lending, automated yield farming, and liquidity provisions. Follow Zapper on Linkedin and Twitter.


Rajat Sharma founded SwingTrackr with a vision to create a set of applications for the retail trading market that allows traders to gain insights into their trading data, to increase success likelihood across day trading, swing trading, and investing.

Rise Financial

Developed by Ryan Sd, Rise Financial is a tech company building the next generation of corporate cards that help founders and companies understand spending patterns and find savings. Follow Rise Financial on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

FinCrimeTech AI

Co-founded by Issa Berthe and John Doe, FinCrimeTech AI is an artificial intelligence-based company delivering financial crime analytics solutions. Its bilingual core engine merges human intelligence with machine effectiveness, helping financial institutions tackle financial crime risks safely and efficiently. Follow FinCrimeTech AI on Twitter and Linkedin.

Pillar Financial Technologies

Pillar Financial Technologies, founded by Elena Litani, Michael Mire, and Vincent Deschenes, champions entrepreneurial success by simplifying banking and financial management with an all-in-one neobank. Follow Pillar Financial Technologies on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Founded by Sean Muir and Thierry Lindor in 2021, happly is a SaaS AI-powered platform that matches entrepreneurs with economic opportunities based on their unique profiles. Follow happly on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Embr, founded by Jason Dominique, is working on building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure. Follow Embr on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Founded by Mutaz Majdoub, GGEZ1 is a GameFi deals marketplace and loyalty platform that connects consumers with businesses via an engaging multiuser gamified experience. Follow GGEZ1 on Facebook, Linkedin.

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