Exploring Montréal’s Innovative Tech Startups: A Canadian Entrepreneurial Spotlight

January 23, 2024

Despite the challenges imposed by the global pandemic, the Canadian startup sector is showing resilience with Montréal emerging as a hotspot for tech startups particularly in the fields of information technology, finance, health care, and big data industries. These companies are not only reshaping their respective industries but are also contributing to Canada’s robust startup ecosystem. Here are some of the startups born in 2020 in Montréal, Quebec, that are leading the way with their innovative solutions and ideas.

The company Basedash is one of the frontrunners in the developer tools industry, simplifying the process of database management and admin app creation. Founded by Max Musing, this tech startup is helping businesses transition their data smoothly and with ease. It is determined to revolutionize how businesses handle database tasks, providing comprehensive tools that can be used without writing a single line of code. Connect with Basedash on Facebook, @Basedash on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Next, we have Vezgo, a startup innovating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Led by founders Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, the company is making it easier for users to navigate crypto exchanges, wallets, and accounts through their application. Vezgo’s APIs offer savings on time and resources while ensuring standardization and data consistency for developers. Follow Vezgo on LinkedIn for more updates.


Spearheaded by Alexandre Bouchard and Eric Tran, the Hookdeck startup aims to smoothen the ingestion and error handling of webhooks. It provides full visibility and makes integration-building, testing, and troubleshooting easier for development teams. For more information about Hookdeck, visit their company page on LinkedIn.


On to a different industry we have Cozey, an e-commerce-based furniture company that offers a range of home comfort products. The company provides a suite of items that are designed with great detail and consideration for style and comfort. Find out more about Cozey on Facebook, @cozeycanada on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Looking to disrupt the insurance market in Canada, HelloSafe is bringing a digital-first approach to the industry. Their mission is to offer transparency while empowering customers to make informed decisions. Stay updated with HelloSafe on Facebook and @hellosafe_ on Twitter.


In the health care sector, OROHealth is providing an AI-based telehealth and communication platform. The founders Emilie Bourgeault, Jean-Philippe Doré, and John Rotchford believe in meeting the rising demands of telemedicine especially under the current global health crisis. You can follow OROHealth on LinkedIn.


Sofiac is a startup aimed at transforming commercial and industrial businesses cash flow. They develop, finance, and ensure the implementation of energy efficiency projects which in turn increases the profitability and competitiveness of their clients. Stay connected with Sofiac on LinkedIn.


Focusing on transportation, niosense is improving traffic signal management. Founders David Preville and Patrick Lauziere have designed a service optimized to improve mobility. Keep in touch with niosense on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ora Médical

Ora Médical has dedicated their innovation to improving mobility for children through their system of walking aids. They aim to increase access to rehabilitative programs for those with reduced mobility. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Montreal Analytics

Montreal Analytics is offering innovative solutions in the field of data analytics, helping organisations derive insights from data. Keep updated on their services via LinkedIn and @mtl_analytics on Twitter.


Lastly, SocialGrep is a startup that allows users to gain crucial insight into social media statistics. Founded by Andrey Sherbakov, the platform serves as a tool to track trending topics and popular communities on Reddit. Stay in the know by following @socialgrep on Twitter.

These Montreal-based startups showcase the diversity and innovation of the Canadian tech scene. By meeting the challenges of this new decade head on, they aren’t just surviving, they’re evolving and growing, showing once again how startups can lead the way in innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada.

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