Exploring Ontario’s Innovative B2B Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Business Landscape

January 4, 2024

Getting to know startups is a great way to understand the current business trends and tomorrow’s leading industries. Startups born in 2020 and beyond are built with the challenges of our new decade in mind, and none are more relevant than those in the B2B sector. Situated in the heart of Ontario, the following companies have managed not only to establish themselves in the crowded startup landscape but have also made considerable strides in their respective industries.

From e-commerce and enterprise solutions to document management and video marketing, these startups are reshaping the B2B sector. Online creators are getting new platforms to monetize their work; software is redefining the way consumers interact with brands, and the financial world is getting a technological makeover. The competitive spirit and innovation embodied by these startups serve up a strong reminder that Ontario is a hotbed for disruptive and groundbreaking businesses.

The following ten companies demonstrate the pioneering spirit of the Canadian startup scene, as well as the many ways in which companies are harnessing technology to deliver new and improved services. Let’s take a closer look at these promising startups and get acquainted with their unique offerings.


Born out of the collaboration between Milad Zabihi and Sina Roshan, Peekage has redefined consumer sampling. This Toronto-based startup has developed a platform that allows brands to conduct targeted at-home product trials. With proprietary data that allows for effective shopper categorization and market visibility, Peekage is levelling up the E-commerce and Enterprise Software industry.


Based in Ottawa, Joel Kapongo and Moktar Yusuf’s startup, Pactima, serves as an all-in-one eSignatures platform. Since its 2020 inception, this B2B, Document Management, and PaaS company has swiftly met diverse business needs with its multi-functional offerings.


In the arena of video messaging for business to consumer sales, Goodkind is an emerging player. Founded by Justin Rotman and Michael Warshafsky, this Toronto-based startup fosters engagement in the B2B industry with creative video outreach strategies.


Leveraging the power of social media, Cloutdesk offers a revolutionary platform for influencers and brands. Co-founded by Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, this Toronto-based startup shines in marketing, providing an end-to-end technology stack for brand-influencer partnerships.


Based in Brantford, Ontario, Buzz stands tall in the B2B, Information Technology, and Software industry. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this startup, founded by Mitchell Conery, is forging new paths in tech solutions.


Committed to creating data-driven business applications, Formaloo, a Toronto-based company, is revolutionizing business processes with its no-code platform. This B2B enterprise provides tools enabling businesses to develop software effortlessly, without coding, truly streamlining work processes.


Offering unique artificially intelligent software, ClientEye has significantly boosted lead generation in the B2B industry. Starting as an exclusive software for a leading Canadian digital marketing agency, this Markham-based startup under Ebi Laffafian and Sepi Madani now identifies all website visitors automatically.

The Buyers Club

Founded by Jianfu Wu, The Buyers Club is marking its territory in the B2B and E-commerce industry. This Toronto-based startup is making online retail easier and more efficient.


With an ambitious project on the horizon, WealthAgile, is a Fintech startup focusing on an AI-based Portfolio Management System. Co-founded by Ehsan Fazl-Ersi and Timothy Burgess in Toronto, WealthAgile aims to be a B2B, SaaS plug-and-play platform for funds and financial institutions.


Ottawa-based startup, Proxi.id, is redefining identity management for educational institutions. Known as a privacy-first company, this B2B enterprise has constructed a superior academic verification service, bolstering sales and conversions, and increasing compliance.


Quadshift, a Toronto-based startup founded by John Paterson, aspires to transform commerce in various sectors with excellent SaaS solutions. This B2B, E-Commerce platform is driving new opportunities and providing customer value while building niche software companies.

To conclude, thriving in the startup environment is no easy feat. Starting a company during a new decade filled with uncharted territory and unexpected challenges requires determination, inventiveness, and the courage to take risks. The startups highlighted in this article exemplify such traits and shine a promising light on Ontario’s continued role in fostering innovation and business advances.

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