Exploring Ontario’s Prominent AgTech Innovations in Canadian Startup Landscape

January 5, 2024

The AgTech industry has witnessed a significant influx of startups seeking innovative solutions to improve the quality and productivity of agricultural and food systems. Ontario, being the most populous province of Canada, has become a hotspot for such startups, encompassing a blend of technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit. As the world seeks sustainable solutions for food production amidst climate change, these startups are developing advanced technologies in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more, to help farmers navigate the increasingly challenging landscape of agricultural production. Highlighted in this article are recently founded AgTech startups in Ontario that are reshaping the future of agriculture:

Vivid Machines

Vivid Machines is a groundbreaking agtech startup founded by Jenny Lemieux and Jonathan Binas. The Toronto-based company is combining AgTech with artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize agricultural production. Their innovative technology provides farmers with essential plant-specific insights and digitizes properties of fruits and vegetables to improve yield and product quality. Learn more about Vivid Machines.


Founded by Eric Bergeron and Eric Levesque, Cultivatd is an agtech startup based in Cornwall, Ontario. The company is solving complex indoor farming challenges by helping farmers find the right solutions for their projects. Their experts integrate product development, indoor farming operations, and AgTech to achieve their mission. Find more about Cultivatd.

Liven Proteins

Liven Proteins, an AgTech startup founded by Fei Luo, combines biotechnology with AgTech, CleanTech and Food & Beverage industry innovations. Based in Toronto, the outfit is making significant contributions towards making the food and beverage sector more sustainable. More about Liven Proteins.

Adapt AgTech Inc.

Another Ontario-based startup, Adapt AgTech Inc., is providing a turn-key opportunity for container farming of edible and gourmet mushrooms. Founded by Chanel Murray, Jonathan Murray, Robert Imbeault and Shane Currey, the company is opening doors for new entrants in the farming industry and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs while advancing access to a sustainable food supply. Learn more about Adapt AgTech Inc.

Bioimaging Research Solutions

Your business really need to keep an eye on Bioimaging Research Solutions, a Guelph, Ontario-based AgTech startup. The company is working to streamline and enhance the food-production system at all stages, from farm to consumer. This is one startup that’s definitely going places.

Waterpoint Lane

Waterpoint Lane, founded by Ben Gibbons, is a Toronto-based AgTech startup that focuses on growth stage investments in primary production, disruptive technology and services, and consumer product businesses that focus on and promote sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain. Learn more about Waterpoint Lane.


Cropinno is an Agri-Tech startup company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They provide cloud-based crop monitoring and farm management solutions powered by satellite imagery, AI technology, and agricultural science to help farmers and agri-businesses make more precise decisions, increase production, and optimize costs. Learn more about Cropinno.

Genuine Taste

Finally, Genuine Taste, founded by Emily Farrar and Pooya Mamaghani, is an AgTech startup based in Toronto that is focusing on creating fat without harming animals for alternative meat products. By doing this, they aim to enable consumers to experience the genuine taste of meat while promoting a sustainable and cruelty-free future for the food industry. Learn more about Genuine Taste.

The AgTech landscape in Ontario is filled with remarkable startups introducing groundbreaking innovations. The solutions developed by these companies not only increase food productivity and quality but also address larger issues, such as environmental sustainability and food security. As they continue to innovate and grow, they are setting the course for the future of the agriculture industry.

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