Exploring Quebec’s Trailblazing Blockchain Startups: Innovations from Canada

January 4, 2024

Canada, and specifically Quebec, has seen an impressive surge in tech startups over the years. In 2020 and beyond, a new wave of innovators has emerged, seeking to reshape industries and redefine paradigms. In particular, startups working in the blockchain sector have grown especially prolific, adopting this revolutionary technology to transform industries and revolutionize services. This article will spotlight some of the most prominent Quebec-based startups in the blockchain industry.

Quebec, which boasts a unique blend of history, culture and technology, is becoming a significant hub for blockchain innovators. With access to inexpensive electricity and a cold climate that reduces the cost of cooling large-scale data centres, Quebec has attracted significant blockchain-based companies and entrepreneurs. Further development of the blockchain ecosystem is being fueled by the Canadian regulators’ openness to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Let’s uncover some of the exciting and innovative blockchain startups established in 2020 or later and headquartered in Quebec. These startups are already making significant strides in their respective industries while proving that Quebec is a prime location for innovation and growth.


Founded by Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, Vezgo is poised to change the way people interact with crypto exchanges, wallets, and protocols. This startup provides a robust API that significantly reduces integration lead times and provides a standardized data format, thus ensuring application reliability and data consistency. Vezgo is based in Montréal, Quebec.


DeFiSafety was established by Rex Hygate in Montréal, Quebec. This startup specializes in technical risk analysis, providing comprehensive risk assessment processes to evaluate blockchain-based investment policies. DeFiSafety‘s approach is rooted in software processes, transparency, and practices.


Founded by Nodar Janashia, Seb Audet, and Suhail Gangji, Zapper is a fintech platform designed to make DeFi assets more accessible. It provides shortcuts for entering DeFi lending, yield farming, and liquidity provisions. This ease of access bridges the gap between advanced investors and DeFi novices, making it an attractive option for newcomers to the DeFi space.

Incubella Technologies

Incubella Technologies is a full-service blockchain marketing and development firm specializing in the growth and nurturing of new blockchain and Web3 startups. Based in Montréal, Quebec, Incubella is contributing to the evolution of the decentralized web.

Rare Circles

Established in 2021 by Yifeng Song, Rare Circles is a startup that selects and customizes battle-tested smart contracts to meet specific brand requirements. The startup places a particular emphasis on enhancing NFT experiences for various target audiences.

AlwaysGeeky Games

Creating the NFT project Voxies and the game Voxies Tactics, AlwaysGeeky Games aims to be at the forefront of gaming trends. This startup taps into the potential of blockchain technology to offer both fun and value to players in the gaming community.


BENQI Corpo is developed by an experienced team of blockchain designers and offers a protocol to unlock greater liquidity within the defi market. Built on Avalanche’s high-speed smart contract network, BENQI aims to evolve into a cross-chain defi hub stationed at the heart of decentralized finance.


Founded by Chris Defour and Paul-Adrien Lamoureux, SENTR3 provides an essential tool for communities to create native Web3 experiences online or in real life for their NFT and/or token holders. Regardless of whether it’s online communities, physical properties, events, content, or offers, SENTR3 makes gating access a lot easier.

Angel Softwares

Founded by Marc-Alexandre Curodeau, Angel Softwares assists merchants in building their own NFT custom marketplace. Based in Quebec, Angel Softwares provides a platform for sellers to sell products/services in the real world through value-added NFTs.


Founded by Jason Dominique, Embr is an all-remote corporation that is building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure. With the exciting proposition of moving startups and creators into a new era of the internet, Embr’s checkout is the first in a series of product releases planned.

Decentralized systems are gaining traction, and these startups are proving to be valuable contributors to this movement. From dynamic financial services and innovative gaming platforms to robust DeFi protocols, these Quebec-based startups are showing us the pragmatic use of blockchain technology in various industries. As we look toward the future of the blockchain, it’s clear that Quebec may indeed become Canada’s epicenter for blockchain innovation.

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