Exploring Richmond’s Pioneering Apps Startups Revolutionizing Canadian Tech Sector

January 5, 2024

Welcoming you to another edition of Beststartup Canada’s series, where we shed light on promising startups located in Canada. This edition of our series pinpoints startups newly launched in the Apps industry, with a commencement date of 2020 or later, and who have set their base in the city of Richmond. Richmond is a vibrant city, increasingly becoming a hub for app-based startups. These chosen companies have shown significant promise with their unique concepts and dedication to their respective industry.

We believe that startups are integral for a nation’s growth, bringing unique, innovative ideas to the forefront. In this article, we have selected and will present information about some of the most promising startups based in Richmond whose domain lies in the App industry. We will look at what these companies offer, their founders, and their current status in the industry.

The inception of these companies, their founders, description of their services, and the links to their social media platforms have been provided to give our readers a broad understanding of the innovative solutions these startups are bringing to their respective industries. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of these promising startups.


Founded by Alexa Anderson, Bryant Drayton, Cole Merrick, and Jarmal Bevels, SEQL is a for-profit sports social impact company. SEQL operates in the Apps and Mobile Apps industry. Backed by some famous sports personalities, the organization is making waves in the sports industry. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter: @seqlsports

Pangea Chat

Pangea Chat operates in the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, and Language Learning sectors, offering a unique blend of game design and natural language processing for personalized language learning. They track vocabulary growth and progress in specific content areas. LinkedIn | Facebook


Founded by Kashif Hassan, Apimio is a product information management (PIM) tool. The company connects manufacturers and retailers, enabling them to streamline their product data feeds. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter: @APlMIO


Founded by Anson Ni, TapIn operates in the B2C, B2B, delivery, mobile applications, mobile payments, and retail sectors. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter: @tapin_pay


Promenad is an app-based startup in the dating field. It provides a unique platform on Android, iOS for social networking. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter: @gopromenad

Be Founders

Launched by Mason Dahl and Willem Drescher, Be Founders operates in the Apps, Education, and Internet industries. LinkedIn


Funded by Hamza Diaz, Jakub Kwiecien, and John Ennis, NeoSwap is a multi-party, multi-item NFT swap platform that operates in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketplace, and Web Apps sectors. LinkedIn | Twitter: @neoswap_ai

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