Exploring Sydney-Based Consumer Industry Startups Making Waves in Canada

January 4, 2024

As companies worldwide have been forced to pivot due to the impending shifts brought about by the pandemic, it has given rise to a new era of innovation, creativity, and resilience. Startups worldwide have begun carving their space in various industries, proving that they are truly the building blocks of the forthcoming business landscape. Here, we spotlight some of the most exciting late-stage startups from Sydney, Australia, which have successfully navigated the events of 2020 and are carving a name for themselves in the international market.

The startups span a range of industries, and while they operate from Sydney, their reach often expands beyond national borders. Each one’s unique approach to tackling contemporary challenges is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. The companies we have selected are setting industry trends, redefining consumer expectations, and challenging the status quo.

From e-commerce innovators to consumer technology developers, these Australian businesses are relentlessly pushing boundaries. The global consumer industry is witnessing unprecedented transformation, and these startups are at the forefront of it all. Let’s shed light on these rising stars.

My Childe

My Childe, co-founded by Georgina Carberry, is a D2C eCommerce brand that replaces traditional plastics with plant-based polymers in advanced manufacturing. They are making notable strides in the GreenTech space by creating environment-friendly consumer goods.Facebook LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Arjun Singh, Johann Grunberger, and Kirit Kundu, m8Buy stands out in the e-commerce industry with an innovative platform where friends can shop together, get feedback and enjoy discounts based on the group size. Follow them on Twitter.

Coder One

Armin Chitizadeh and Joy Zhang co-founded Coder One, the annual AI programming tournament platform for engineers, data scientists, researchers, students, and hobbyists. Stay updated with their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Remediator is revolutionizing the consumer-focused financial services industry. They are leading the pack in providing unique solutions to pressing financial problems. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Taking the food and beverage industry by storm is CooksClub, started by Rob Keogh. This startup is making waves in the FMCG space, offering a unique culinary experience. Follow CooksClub on Facebook.


Arli, initiated by Sally Metelerkamp, is a groundbreaking platform that connects individuals with a community that understands addiction, providing valuable support in personal health and wellness. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Catherine Long and Joanna Auburn, Trace is the first Australian-based consumer subscription service for carbon offsetting, making it simple for anyone to live a carbon neutral life. Trace is redefining the CleanTech and consumer industry. Follow their latest news on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remote Social

Remote Social is redefining team dynamics for remote and hybrid teams. Co-Founders Gerardo Contreras Vacca, Jessica Baird Walsh, and Michael Fitzbaxter have created the ultimate platform for online connection and culture building. For more information, follow them Facebook and LinkedIn.


TapMyPay is a financial services startup offering a radical solution to unexpected expenses by providing advances on wages before payday. This unique approach is breathing fresh life into the consumer lending landscape. Check out their latest updates on Facebook.


Another gem in the consumer goods industry, Isaac Ng’s Tinyask, is gaining attention. They are redefining boundaries and making strides in the industry with their innovative offerings. Stay updated with their latest news on LinkedIn.

The Best of Moi

The Best of Moi, launched by Lu Nan and Quinten Wang, is a sustainable consumer goods company. They are home to several purpose-driven health, wellness, and lifestyle products, looking to make a real difference in people’s lives. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.

These are the companies setting the pace in their fields, building the future of the consumer industry from Sydney. From the cutting-edge tech of Coder One to the sustainable consumer goods of My Childe, these firms are breaking the mould and setting new standards for the industry. The forward-thinking approach of these companies lays the groundwork for even more fantastic innovation in the future.

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