Exploring Sydney-headquartered Blockchain Startups Thriving in the Canadian Market

January 4, 2024

Stepping into the world of startups, we’ve noticed an increasing number of companies tapping into the potential of blockchain technology. The application of blockchain far exceeds its initial use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and startups are capitalizing on its diverse potential to disrupt their respective industries. For our Canadian readers investing in startups around the globe, here is a rundown of a few your 2020-era startups based in Sydney, Australia, using blockchain technology.

Why Sydney, you ask? A hub for technological innovation and boasting one of the best-quality-of-life cities in the world, Sydney is attracting some of the best and brightest minds in the tech industry, particularly within the blockchain space. From developer platforms and renewable energy to financial services and gaming, these startups are matching their business needs with the unique potential of blockchain technologies.

With that said, let’s dive into the specifics of these Sydney-based blockchain startups, all of whom made their mark starting 2020.


Founded by Octavius Octavius and OG OG, OctoFi is shaping the confluence of blockchain with other sectors like finance and fintech by providing a blockchain-enabled developer platform. They have a large digital presence which can be accessed through their Twitter handle, @octofinance.

RedBelly Network

RedBelly Network combines blockchain technology with software and web development to create innovative solutions. You can follow them on Twitter @redbellynetwork and also on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


Founded by Geoffrey Brown, AIRSOLAR Capital is a blockchain startup aiming to redefine the energy sector. Offering renewable energy financing options globally, they seek to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy. Follow them on Twitter at @airsolar1 or visit their LinkedIn page.

Aus Merchant

Aus Merchant is transforming the financial services industry by offering banking, trading, and other services aided by blockchain technology. They can be found at their Twitter handle, @ausmerchant, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Xchainge, founded by Eoin Tarleton and James Cronan, is a fintech startup that leverages blockchain capabilities for a range of financial services. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Sidus Heroes

Creators Dan Khomenko and Roman Povolotski have created Sidus Heroes, a gaming startup that integrates blockchain with cryptocurrency. You can follow them on Twitter at @galaxy_sidus, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founder Xavier Ekkel heading prePO aims to decentralise trading. The blockchain-powered platform allows speculators to place bets on pre-IPO companies and pre-token projects. Follow them on Twitter at @prepo_io, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


A startup by Chris Were and Ryan Kris, Verida provides solutions for data storage and identity management using blockchain and cloud storage technologies. Follow them on Twitter at @verida_io and on LinkedIn for updates.

Avocado Guild

Founded by Brendan Wong, Avocado Guild is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming company. Follow them on Twitter at @avocadoguild, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Red Village

A startup company in Sydney putting forward a new vision for blockchain gaming, The Red Village seamlessly blends blockchain technology with gaming. Follow them on Twitter at @theredvillage for updates.


Krishan Deegalla and Kumar Sangakkara founded Behaviol, a platform that uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create a virtual sports experience in the metaverse. You can find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

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