Exploring Sydney-Headquartered Canadian Construction Startups: An Industry Spotlight

January 5, 2024

Canada is a hub for business innovation and success, particularly in the startup scene. Despite the trials and tribulations of the past year, startups across all industries have shown great resilience and strength, continuing to thrive and represent Canadian entrepreneurship at its finest. This is particularly true in the construction industry. Below, we honour several Australian startups headquartered in Sydney that have made waves since their inception in 2020. These companies are moving the industry forward with their innovative technologies and services.

Several of them use new technologies to help architects, builders and others related to the construction field manage their projects better, while others aim to streamline and digitize the traditionally analogue construction process. This ongoing digitization has proven essential in maintaining the industry’s operation during unprecedented times. With the ambition and creativity radiating from these startups, the future of the construction industry looks brighter than ever.

Let’s dive in and explore these trailblazing companies that are reshaping the way we build and design.

Sync Technologies

Fueled by the innovative spirit of founders Alex Pryor and Carolina Dreifuss, Sync Technologies is using software to revolutionize the construction industry. They focus on turning raw data into actionable insights. For more information about their pioneering work, visit their LinkedIn page.


Created by Jeremy Barnett and Marcello Pierangeli, Planitree is a green marketplace that aims to connect consumers, architects, designers, and builders with architectural products and services from around the world. Check out their LinkedIn page.


Lachlan Jacobs’ UnicornShift is an on-demand labour marketplace specifically for the road traffic management industry. Their platform simplifies the process of matching qualified traffic controllers with jobs in their area.


IIMBE is a startup that offers advice, business intelligence, construction consulting and more. To learn more about them, follow their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Founded by Steven Cassells, Neuron provides an integrated, cloud-based technology aimed at resolving challenges related to technical difficulties, floor efficiency, and spatial flow. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

KinKera Community

KinKera Community is a unique blend of property development, real estate, construction and a social network. Under the leadership of Ian Jordan, this platform is thriving. Learn more via their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Rapid Assess

Founded by Mike Anand, Rapid Assess is designed to aid insurance builders, property insurance companies and real-estate agents in the assessment and inspection of properties. Get more information and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Maiden Ventures

Lucky Ariyasena’s Maiden Ventures develops platforms to help contractors work smarter and more efficiently. Their flagship solution, Tribus, helps in navigating complex contracts. Visit their LinkedIn page and Facebook page for more details.


Founded by Mahan Lamei, Onur Ekinci, and Tim Rawling, CalcTree aims at bringing engineering teams, designs and calculations together, which helps in reducing data fragmentation. They have more about their mission on their LinkedIn page.

iContract Technologies

Alan McNamara’s iContract Technologies is working to transform the construction sector with intelligent and automatic construction contracts. With these, they aim to provide greater administrative efficiency and less minor disputes, improving the overall industry. For more details, visit their LinkedIn page.

That concludes our roundup of promising construction startups making their mark in the industry. With their inventive visions and cutting-edge implementation, they are revolutionizing the way people work in the construction industry, bringing changes that have the potential for long-lasting benefits. Their collective efforts are making the future of the construction industry in Australia shine brighter than ever.

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