Exploring Toronto-Based AI Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Industry

January 23, 2024

Welcome to this edition of BestStartup Canada, where we spotlight fresh and exciting startups that have emerged in Toronto’s Artificial Intelligence landscape since 2020, ushering in a new era of innovation and development. Led by the brilliant minds of their founders, these startups make a significant contribution to Canada’s AI ecosystem by leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve vital industry challenges. These innovative businesses demonstrate how AI and Machine Learning can be optimally utilised to transform our lives, whether it’s through streamlining contract negotiation or revolutionizing agricultural production.

Let’s walk you through the respective journeys of these startups as they break traditional barriers and redefine the narrative of Toronto’s tech scene. From companies focused on improving educational content to businesses working on biotechnological solutions, we’re proud to showcase these industry-leading AI startups. Their achievements pave the way for future innovators and signal a promising future for startups in Canada.

With no further ado, let’s delve into the fantastic world of Toronto’s top AI Startups, their creations, and the entrepreneurs at the heart of their success.

Arteria AI

Founded by Jonathan Wong, Arteria AI has set its sights on revolutionizing contract management by applying artificial intelligence to the drafting, negotiation, and analysis of contracts. Learn more about Arteria AI

Vivid Machines

Jenny Lemieux and Jonathan Binas co-found Vivid Machines, an startup that propels agricultural production by providing farmers with plant-specific insights using advanced vision sensors and machine learning technology. Learn more about Vivid Machines


Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa are at the helm of HUEX Labs, creating AiDA, an AI-powered voice-enabled digital assistant that assists businesses in handling customer interactions in live industry environments. Learn more about HUEX Labs

Deep Biologics

Dea Shahinas and Shraddha Dubey established Deep Biologics with the aim of leveraging AI to streamline the development process of efficacious biologics for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Learn more about Deep Biologics

Tech Spark Canada

Founder Tamar Huggins, envisioned using AI and Machine Learning to provide data-driven, culturally responsive multimedia content to middle school students. Tech Spark’s Spark Plug platform democratizes education by tailoring content to each student’s intelligence and learning level. Learn more about Tech Spark Canada


Daimlas is an AI ecosystem builder which provides a platform for visionaries to develop and manage both their physical and virtual environments. Learn more about Daimlas


Founded by Essam Elsahwi and Mariam Awara, PulSenics focuses on delivering real-time electrochemical system monitoring and control solutions. Utilising AI technology, they generate critical insights on several parameters of electrochemical systems. Learn more about PulSenics

Train Fitness

Founded by Andrew Just and Antoine Neidecker, Train Fitness is an AI-powered fitness solution. Learn more about Train Fitness

SBX Robotics

Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, the founders of SBX Robotics, improve computer vision models by providing training data that combines the best of real and synthetic image data. Learn more about SBX Robotics

Tali AI

Tali AI, co-founded by Hesam Dadafarin and Mahshid Yassaei, provides physicians with voice-enabled virtual assistants that enhance the recording and accessibility of medical records. Learn more about Tali AI

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