Exploring Toronto’s Dynamic Canadian Startups Reshaping the Advertising Industry

January 3, 2024

As we enter a new decade, the advertising landscape continues to shift and evolve with the advent of new technologies and platforms. Within this bustling environment, Toronto, Canada has surfaced as a hotspot for fresh and innovative startups that are shaping the future of the advertising industry. Established in 2020 or later, these ambitious people have hit the ground running in their bid to connect with their audiences in innovative, effective, and rewarding ways.

From optimizing social media marketing strategies to leveraging the power of influencer partnerships, crafting effective content for the cryptocurrency sector, and streamlining E-commerce platforms, these startups are charting new paths in the advertising field. They are not only meeting the changing demands of this digital era but are setting trends in the process.

So, buckle up and allow us to take you on a journey as we highlight some of these groundbreaking startups based in Toronto. These companies are already making their mark in the advertising industry and are set to continue shaping the sector in exciting and transformational ways.


Launched in 2021, Cloutdesk is aimed at powering the future of influencer and brand partnerships. Founded by entrepreneurs Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, Cloutdesk is an application that helps content creators manage and monetize brand partnerships. The platform offers a transparent end-to-end technology stack that is designed to help marketing clients and influencers forge more equitable, accountable, and meaningful relationships. From client outreach and relationship management to invoicing, they are setting new standards in the sector.


Another innovative startup, rewardly, founded by Harsh Pujara, turns social media sharing into rewards. Rewardly is a social cashback marketplace app aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses save thousands of dollars by automating and improving loyalty, social media engagement, and advertising.


With expertise in the emerging field of cryptocurrency, Blockwiz offers a wide range of services, including content marketing, press releases, social media marketing, community management, and search engine optimization. Founded by Dev Sharma, Blockwiz is committed to delivering top-notch services in the cryptocurrency marketing sector.


Founded by Alex Baghdjian, Funday is featured among these promising startups. More details about its operation and the unique approach it brings to the advertising sector will be updated shortly.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Microdose Psychedelic Insights is another budding startup in the advertising sector, operating from Toronto. It promises innovative solutions in business development and unique content creation. More details about its operation are to be updated.


Divisional is a group of growth marketers and channel professionals who assist early-stage companies in expanding. They are well versed in various sectors such as construction, healthcare, and developer tools in attracting and retaining clients.

Humanity Agency

Humanity Agency makes a mark in the advertising sector, and more information will soon be updated about the unique propositions they offer.

Ensiha Digital

With services spanning brand marketing, content, digital marketing, music labels, photography, SEO, and social media advertising, Ensiha Digital is geared towards a variety of industries and sectors.


Surfable promises to elevate your online presence with lightning-fast websites that boost SEO and convert visitors into customers.

Stratus Media

Stratus Media is focused on advertising, content marketing, and social media, bringing a unique flavor to the advertising landscape. More information about its operation and services will be updated soon.


Founded by Andrew Mawer, Proforo offers marketing solutions that help consumers make decisions. From providing experience-based reviews to explaining the goals of businesses, Proforo is focused on creating effective advertising strategies.

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