Exploring Toronto’s New Wave of Innovative IT Startups in Canada

January 17, 2024

In the world of technology, Canada’s Silicon Valley, also known as Toronto, Ontario, has seen a rise in IT Startups since 2020. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, tech firms have not only endured but have also witnessed exceptional growth. The resilience, adaptability, and innovation demonstrated by these startups are notable. This article will highlight several such firms, with a focus on those operating in the field of Information Technology.

Startups are always an exciting area to look into due to their groundbreaking innovations and contributions to the technology industry. These startups from the heart of Canada are working day and night to create advanced and sophisticated solutions in different IT domains, aiming to make a difference in various industries around the world.

Here is a list of 10+ notable Toronto-based startups in the IT industry that you need to keep on your radar:

NowVertical Group

Founded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group is a big data, analytics, and Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company that grows organically and through acquisition. Their VI solutions, organized by industry vertical, are built upon a foundational set of data technologies that fuse, secure, and mobilize data in a transformative and compliant way. The NOW product suite enables the creation of high-value VI solutions that are predictive in nature and drive automation specific to each high-value industry vertical. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Finneo, co-founded by Amar Nijjar, Nolan Apers, and Hovsep Seraydarian, automates the commercial real estate financing process. From CIM credentials to the lender matching algorithm, their platform offers event management, efficient workflows, and cost savings. It is the only software in the industry exclusively focused on debt management and placement. Their LinkedIn provides more information on this innovative enterprise.

BDATA Solutions Inc

BDATA Solutions, a cyber-security startup co-founded by Adrian Abott, Owen Wang, and Syed Bari, is battling against cyber-attacks on vital infrastructures. BDATA developed products complementing their core technology, including Blockchain IoT simcards, Blockchain IoT Gateway, Blockchain PLC, Blockchain SCADA, and Blockchain Secure Digital Twin. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to know more.


Daimlas is a marketplace for AI ecosystem builders, enabling visionaries to build and manage physical and virtual ecosystems. Their unique platforms aid in the creation of local AI ecosystems. Check their latest updates at Facebook and LinkedIn.

Spartan Finance

Spartan Finance, co-founded by Sajjad Abbas and Shakeel-Abbas Hussein, provides a comprehensive dashboard for biotech research, offering an online university with free courses explaining everything from drug approval to how drugs work. Their software also alerts users to any significant events, from catalysts to FDA drug approvals.

License Academy

License Academy, co-founded by Linda Tsang and Raju Basumatary, enhances the business value chain with IP assets, knowledge resources, products, and standards, and professional certifications. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn.


Jetdocs, co-founded by Alex Kovalev and Andrew Dolinski, offers solutions for collaboration ticketing. More about their unique solutions can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Charged Particles

Charged Particles, founded by Ben Lakoff, CFA, and Rob Secord, is at the forefront of defi, merging art with finance. They enable users to deposit digital assets inside their non-fungible tokens. Learn more about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Basestation, founded by Alex Tushinski, is a cloud-based software solution designed for waste & recycling haulers to streamline scheduling, routing, asset tracking, dispatching, and invoicing. Follow them on LinkedIn to dig deeper.


Betstamp offers cutting-edge solutions in information technology, mobile apps, and software. They are a one-stop-shop for all things sports. To know more about them, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

These firms have made significant strides in their respective tech fields with their focused strategies and innovative solutions. From disrupting traditional sectors with cutting-edge IT solutions to solving complex business challenges, these startups are making a name for themselves on a global scale. The future of technology certainly seems bright, with Toronto’s tech startups leading the charge!

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