Exploring Toronto’s Rising Stars in Canadian Marketing Startup Scene

January 17, 2024

There are numerous innovative startups reshaping the marketing landscape in Canada, with a particular emphasis on those based in Toronto, Ontario. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and experimenting with state-of-the-art marketing strategies, these nascent companies have exhibited remarkable resilience and shown immense potential for growth. Despite being launched in 2020 or later, they have already made a significant impact in the realm of marketing, serving as excellent examples of the power and potential of innovative startup companies. Let’s explore some of these thriving startups to gain a clearer understanding of their operations and the value they provide to businesses.

Toronto is a burgeoning startup hub, with several groundbreaking companies in the marketing industry that are shaping how businesses operate. Many of these companies are harnessing the power of digital tools, technologies and strategies to provide value-driven services for clientele. From Analytics and digital marketing to social media and content marketing, these startups are pushing conventional boundaries and creating dynamic and scalable solutions that help businesses to grow, connect and engage with their target audience more effectively.

A wide range of businesses and industries are benefiting from these services, including B2B, Content Creators, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Loyalty Programs, Marketplace, Retail, and Small and Medium Businesses. These startups, through their unique business models, digital tools and client-focused solutions, are playing a critical role in supporting the growth of the Canadian economy. We delve into each of these startups to understand what they offer, who they are, and why they are trailblazers in their sector.


Cloutdesk, co-founded by Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, is an exceptional platform that is redefining brand partnerships. Launched in 2021, Cloutdesk began as an application to help creators more effectively monetize and manage brand partnerships. It has since evolved into a transparent technology stack for creators and their marketing clients. The company caters to Advertising, B2B, Content Creators, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing industries. Keep up to date with them on
Facebook, and

Lavin Media

Lavin Media, founded by Anton Havorka and Sergey Kisyuk, addresses sales development challenges by providing modern solutions complemented by a range of free, customizable services, including advice, data analysis, and recruitment support. Their offerings are especially relevant to the Analytics, Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Market Research sectors. To stay informed about their activities, visit their
Twitter and


Harsh Pujara is behind Rewardly, a social cashback marketplace app that transforms social media sharing into rewards. The startup assists small and medium-sized businesses in saving money by increasing and automating their status in a variety of sectors including Advertising, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Loyalty Programs. Learn more about the company on their
Facebook, and
LinkedIn pages.


Blockwiz, founded by Dev Sharma, provides a wide range of services, including content marketing, press releases, community management, social media marketing, cryptocurrency content writing, and digital marketing. The company caters to businesses in the Advertising, Cryptocurrency, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing industries. Follow them on
Twitter and
LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Review Robin

Review Robin, spearheaded by Julia McLaughlin, caters to businesses in the Apps, Commercial, Digital Marketing, and Software industries. The company and its offerings can be easily tracked through their
Facebook, and
LinkedIn channels.


Divisional, a group of growth marketers, and channel professionals assist early-stage companies in their expansion. They provide services mainly to businesses in the Advertising, Business Development, Email Marketing, and SEO sectors. Make sure to connect with them on their
LinkedIn handle!

Ensiha Digital

Ensiha Digital operates in the Brand Marketing, Content, Digital Marketing, Music Label, Photography, SEO, Social Media Advertising sectors. Stay in touch with them via their
Twitter and
LinkedIn pages.

AscendX Digital

Founded by Janice Roberts, AscendX Digital enables various brands to market effectively across different channels through their Through-Channel Marketing services. Get to know more about AscendX Digital on their
Facebook, and
LinkedIn platforms.

Stratus Media

Stratus Media is a notable player when it comes to providing services in the Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media sectors. Make sure to connect with them on their
Facebook and
LinkedIn handles!


Founded by Andrew Mawer, Proforo provides marketing solutions to consumers to facilitate better decision-making. It caters predominantly to the Ad Targeting, Advertising, Consumer, and Marketing sectors. Updates about Proforo can be found on their
LinkedIn page.


DoneMaker operates mainly in the Apps, Marketing, Non Profit sectors. To learn more about this startup, make sure to follow them on
Facebook, and

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