Exploring Toronto’s Thriving Consumer Goods Startups: Canada’s New Wave

January 5, 2024

Canada continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, particularly in Toronto. This vibrant city is home to numerous budding startups operating in various industries, especially in the consumer goods sector. Breeding innovation and operational excellence, these startups are not only contributing to the country’s economy but are also providing products and services catering to the dynamic needs of today’s savvy consumers. Here, we shine a light on eight such companies that have emerged since 2020 and are making a significant impact.

From ingenious lifestyle brands to manufacturers of sustainable products and groundbreaking food businesses, these startups represent the most promising companies in the consumer goods industry. Besides, with a commitment to sustainability, innovative technology, and client-focused services, these firms are setting new standards and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Without further ado, let’s navigate through these phenomenal organizations that were all founded in 2020 or later and now operate in and around Toronto.


Papaya is a Toronto-based startup that specializes in consumer goods, manufacturing, product design, and sales. The company has gained reputation for its sustainable solutions in the consumer goods industry, and you can follow their journey on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.


SIDIA is a creative lifestyle brand that offers a variety of consumer goods. The Toronto-based company’s product offerings are as diverse as the city itself and you can keep up to date with their offerings on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Antiseptic Pro

Combining fields like agriculture and biotechnology, Antiseptic Pro is a life sciences and biotechnology manufacturer supplying organic and pure nutraceutical and wellness products. The company’s high-quality products are found at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

SRS Scoop

SRS Scoop is redefining the food industry with high-protein, hemp-infused almond butters, catering to the wellness and nutrition needs of customers. Stay updated with their innovative products on Facebook and Twitter.


Sleepout is a startup specializing in portable blackout curtains, providing unbeatable solutions for a good night’s sleep. Check out their offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Aestate is a proud Canadian consumer goods startup specializing in retail and e-commerce. Stay tuned for more about this innovative company on their LinkedIn page.


Toronto-based startup Cookin is a homemade food delivery marketplace where people can find a range of delicious, home-cooked meals delivered right to their doors. You can follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Indeed, these startups are the backbone of the thriving consumer goods industry in Toronto. They showcase a diverse and rich business ecosystem and portray a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless commitment to innovation. As these companies flourish, they serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in Canada, reaffirming the country’s position as one of the best places for startups.

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